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You'll need to sign in to the Google Adsense website. At Amazon, what is direct advertising? You can see that the site contains a ton of ads and does not do much to provide a good reading experience. This guide explains how to set up Amazon Facebook ads. There are three formats of Amazon ads available:

These guidelines provide guidance on how to incorporate Amazon CPM Ads into your Web site. Site lists are a collection of Web pages you own or host on which you intend to display ads from Amazon CPM Ads. Advertisements will only be placed on Web pages that are listed in your Site List.

Only one Site Listing needs to be created per site per user area. Suppose you own or maintain the website. When you want to place ads on the home page of your site that have the html url, you can type'' or' html' in the site's drop-down inbox.

TIP: You do not need to type http:// or www at the top of your website. Once you have created a Site List-create your Amazon CPM Ads ad key. Advertisement codes are placed on your website (or on your ad server). Every ad key you generate will correspond to an'ad block' in the Amazon CPM Ads Home Page report.

Your chosen name will be used in the Amazon CPM Ads Home Page report. It is recommended that you use a name that will help you locate the ad key position on your site. Amazon CPM Ads will provide you with an annual CPM rate equal to or greater than the CPM goal you specify.

Execute a power summary by ad block to obtain the value "eCPM" or "RPM". Receivez votre "eCPM" (coût effectif pour mille impressions) ou "RPM" (revenu pour mille pages vues) par Werbeblock. When you have more than one ad block on a page of the same ad network, you should split your value of your relative speed by the number of ad blocks to get to your CPM.

Ad pass code: Enter your pass-back ad number. In order to obtain the ad codes for your ad network, go to your website and copy the ad codes for each ad format.

In order to receive the Associates ad codes, go to the Banners Links page, choose your favorite listing and copy the appropriate ad codes (use the optional HTML version). Substitute your current ad key on your website with the CPM Ads ad key. Retry this procedure to generate up to three ad blocks per page.

TIP: Copy the ad key exactly. Many times, Amazon CPM ads do not download correctly to your site when you manipulate the ad key. Furthermore, the processing of any other part of Amazon CPM Ads' ad codes constitutes a breach of the Associates Program Operating Agreement. They are not charged for imprints resulting from a changed ad number.

The following are the recommended setting for your campaign:

Use the "ebug " method to test the Amazon CPM Ads deployment. Try the Amazon CPM Ads adware. When using an ad serving site, make sure the ad verification key works by creating a special test page.

You don't see Amazon ads? Advertisement codes may be incorrect due to changes made manually or typing errors. If you want to copy your Amazon CPM Ads ad key again, go to the Amazon CPM Ads Home page and click the ad block name in the ad block details grid.

Then, in edit state, you can click View ad key and copy the ad key again. Make sure that your website is in your site listing. Check the return flow. Her website is loaded with a back pass advertisement. When your passthrough does not charge, re-copy your passthrough ad key into the Amazon CPM ads ad key.

From the Amazon CPM Ads Home Page, click the name of the ad impression in the Ad impression Details tab to modify the Amazon CPM Ads Ad with the new Pass-back Ad mark. See how our ads work on your website by visiting the Amazon CPM Ads Home Page's Report dashboard.

If you want to display or modify the Site list or ad key in the near term, visit the Amazon Community Ads Home Page. In order to view/edit your current destination CRM, go to the Ad Unit Details chart and modify your destination CRM directly on the page.

When using an ad serving service, make sure you are updating your Amazon brand account as well. In order to view/edit your feedback, click the name of the corresponding ad in the ad detail chart to refresh the feedback. Also you can see your Amazon CPM Ads ad key.

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