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At AWIN we are a very extensive affiliate network and work in all industries. When you ask as an affiliate working with multiple affiliate networks or programs, we have created Affluent for just that purpose. Swim suits for all partner programs. It' very important that when you buy our affiliate software, you create an affiliate program agreement for your affiliate users. The Griffin Affiliate Program is managed by Commission Junction.

Do you have an Affiliate Management Dashboard that can keep up with all the stats of my affiliate programme?

It' an all-in-one performing baseboard designed specifically for bloggers and affiliate marketers. not only does mysash collect your affiliate network revenue statistics, it also blends them with your own analytical information for greater insight. You can also connect your newsletters and your online channel for a complete service offering.

What sets it apart from other utilities is the fact that mineash also cuts your revenue at the projekt and networking levels. When you have multiple affiliate sites, it is simple to keep track of and compare the performances of each individual site. Take a look at it if you like! aDash is still in the beta version (and totally free), if a networking is lacking, just pin me in the in-app chats and I'll join it as soon as possible.

Earn 20% on every sales you make through your recommendation links.

Earn 20% on every sales you make through your recommendation links. It allows you to build light box pop-ups, hovering beams, scrolling triggers, side bar shapes, after-post and inline shapes, while allowing you to perform A/B testing, pagelevel targeting and much more.

Briefly, this is the best way to generate leads and win customers for virtually any brand. Our affilates are our associates, and we want them to earn cash. We earn millions per year. The first thing you need to do is join our affiliate programme on SharedASale. All our partner companies are reviewed and authorized by us on a manual basis, so it can take up to 48 working days for you to receive approval.

As soon as you become part of our affiliate partner programme, you will need to log into your ShareASale area. They will be redirected to the page where you will see your affiliate links along with various different types of ads. Your Affiliate Links will be displayed in the expanded User Interface area. You can also click the Banner page and see all the different types of ads that you can use.

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