Aliexpress Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program

The AliExpress is an international online marketplace created by So I decided to join the affiliate program. Lots of information about different programs and I decided for Aliexpress. Every product in Hot Products has its own affiliate link that you should place on your advertising space.

Participate in our AliExpress affiliate program to earn the highest affiliate revenue.

A unique solution for the AliExpress Partner Program

We have developed a WordPress plug-in for the fast and simple integration of AliExpress software into your website. Once set up with just a few mouse clicks, AliExpress allows you to choose and load your product directly from AliExpress. Simply look for items that you can include on your website. Enter a catagory, a keyword, a percentage and other filter choices to find the best product.

With just a few simple steps, simply click to instantly extend AliExpress to any WordPress based website and earn commission when you recommend a purchase. AliExpress's automatic plugin update system keeps your AliExpress information up to date with the latest AliExpress information.

What are the AliExpress Affiliate Program Variants?

So you have chosen to launch your own affiliate with AliExpress. As you know, the first thing for a beginner is to join the AliExpress Affiliate Program. The AliExpress portals, ESPN, Admitad? First of all, it is one and the same program provided by AliExpress. With Admitad and HPN, however, you are dealing with intermediaries.

It' the AliExpress program, officially. This identifier will help you to verify all your transaction and to put funds into your bankroll. The registration conditions are as follows: Your registration key will be released within 5 to 14 business working days. When it comes to ID tracing, an affiliate can procure it itself - up to 50 accounts per ID.

However, they are only necessary for the partners who want to follow each page individually. When using AliPlugin and AliPlugin Pro to work with AliExpress portals, you need both your AliPlugin and AliPlugin Pro portals keys and your AliPlugin Pro tracker ID. AliExpress portals cannot be used without an AliExpress Portal API code. If you do not have it, select either E-PN or Admitad.

The Portals affiliate program offers only one payment option - bank transfers. In order to cash out your referral fees, your funds must be in excess of $16 as the withdrawal handling charge is $15. And if you don't like these terms, think about other ways to become a partner and continue reading. The Admitad is an association of partner program.

In order to participate in the affiliate program, you should sign up as a publishing company. First, open an acount. If so, submit an application to participate in the programme. Once approved, you should set up an ad serving, copy the affiliate's hyperlink from your Admitad affiliate profile, and insert it into the Admitad URL box in the AliPlugin.

This site is connected to the affiliate program! The AliExpress Portals has no presentation step. As soon as you open an affiliate bankroll, you can work. However, you begin with the PT1 levels - this means that all unrelated items have a 1% program charge. The Admitad charges a 2% charge from the beginning.

Since non-partner accounts for at least 30% of your revenue, Admitad's default fee allows you to earn about 15% more! There are several different ways to pay: you can use WebMoney, Wire transfers, PayPal and ePayments to pay in US dollars. There are only 3 available payout choices in EUR: wire transfers, PayPal or ePayments.

Please note that you cannot exchange funds in your Admitad accounts when using ePayments. When you make a query before Sunday, you will get your cash the next Thursday night. Affiliate link providers make their affiliate link available in the same way as Admitad. Cash, PayPal, WireTransfer, VISA, MasterCard. The PayPal payment takes up to 24hrs.

As of June 1, 2017, AliExpress fee levels vary by type of products and buyer's state. Please refer to our knowledgebase for further information on the current affiliate fee structures. Please be aware that Admitad and HPN provide a slightly higher percent. Typically, elPN provides 0.25% over AliExpress Portal's default tariffs, and their avarage fee is 8.25%.

The Admitad gives 0.5% above the default rate, its mean fee is 8.3-8. We' re looking forward to seeing you among other great successes!

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