Air Travel Affiliate Program

Affiliate Air Travel Program

As part of our partner program, we offer several travel products that provide direct access to our flight search engine and enable you to better monetize the traffic to your website. We usually offer one of the highest air ticket commission rates among affiliate programs. Global Medjet travel protection membership services offer the opportunity to become a partner.

partner program

The PUBLICANT will advertise the ad and provide the leads generating service described in the enclosed insertion order. "Advertising " means advertising, and includes all text, whether question and/or text, graphics, audio, video, coding and/or other contents, comprising advertising, and the sites to which advertising may be referenced.

The PUBLICANT is remunerated on a delivery per Lead delivery rate, which is determined when a subscriber consents through a pre-approved opt-in methodology by which he is approached. Possible complaints of the interviewed (against the e-mail or the offer) will be addressed to the VERN√úTZER.

Thereafter, the Memorandum of Understanding may be continued by common accord, but may be cancelled by either of the parties for any cause whatever. None of the amounts payable to the PAYER shall contain any taxes on sale, use or the like associated with such amounts and shall be payable by the PAYER.

For the duration of this Agreement and one (1) year thereafter, the notifying and notifying parties shall keep precise record of the sums due (the "Relevant Record"). Neither Contracting Party shall have the right to inspect, at least once each year, the relevant other Contracting Party's record in order to verify the performance of the other Contracting Party's financial obligation under this Agreement.

Every one of the audits shall be carried out at a location specified by the notifying Bodies during regular office opening times with a minimum of ten (10) working day grace to the notifying Bodies in writing.

PUBLIC Assurances and Guarantees: This is assured and guaranteed by the Publisher: The PUBLICANT will not participate in or encourage any unlawful activity of any kind in connection with this Agreement.

This Agreement is subject to confidentiality and may not be divulged to any third parties except as otherwise provided by applicable laws. The RELLER undertakes not to copy, circulate, sell, circulate or make commercial use of any copyrighted or sensitive information in any way. Such confidentiality agreements shall continue to apply after this Agreement is terminated for a term of five (5) years.


c) any violation of any representations or warranties in this Agreement. In the event of disputes arising under this Agreement, the Parties shall first attempt to settle the disputes by means of a consensually arranged arbitrator in the following place:

All other expenses and charges than attorney's attorney's fee in connection with the proceedings shall be borne in equal parts by the contracting party.

In the event that any dispute or arbitration shall be strictly necessary to give effect to this Agreement or the provisions of this Agreement, the successful party shall be reimbursed by the other party for appropriate attorneys' expenses, charges and outlays. To the fullest extent permitted by applicable California statutes, this Agreement shall be construed in accordance with the statutes of the State of California. None of the parties may cede or otherwise delegate its any of its duties and any of its interests under this Agreement without the other party's express permission in writing, provided, however, that any interested successors may obtain all or substantially all of a party's duties and any of its interests under this Agreement by way of amalgamation, statutory act, cession, sale or otherwise.

In the event any of the terms, conditions, contract, agreement or requirement of this Agreement is found by a judicial authority of the forum to be void or unenforceable, the remaining provisions of this Agreement shall continue in full effect and effect and shall not be affected or impaired in any way.

Complete arrangement; amendment: Nothing contained in this or any other provision of this or any other understanding shall be construed as or be construed as changing, changing, changing, supplementing, or waiving any of the terms of this or any other provision of this or any other provision of this Agreement unless made in writing and properly executed by both of you.

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