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Participate in the Experience Oz Affiliate Program and enjoy the benefits today! Enables the integration of transfers according to the booked flight tickets and hotels. Therefore our service does not end with the ticket booking. What are we doing joining Sri Lanka Tourism for?

You are a tourist agency?

Easy to register, fast to book, high revenue (commission plus discount), expert technical assistance - just to name a few of the advantages you get.

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Want to make cash and scream across a mark line somewhere you like? More than 1700 registered publishing houses enable you to integrate our on-line flightfinding tool, banner and text link into your website and receive commissions at the same as well.

Was Is Affiliate Sales Market? When you have a great website and high value website traffics, but you are asking yourself how to make a living with them, affiliate is the ticket. Simply put, it is an arrangement between two parts where one site will pay commissions to another site that will direct revenue to their site.

So if you send your site visitors to our site via one of our easy text link, banner or widget for flight or rental cars, you are earning money. Publishing houses get a 50% commission on advertising a flight or rental vehicle; this usually means a payout to you of between 0.07-£0.30 for a flight and 0.30-£0.40 for a rental vehicle.

There is an agent named Comission Junction who will handle these funds on a month to month basis. It' s noteworthy that we only charge commissions for British, Irish and Spanish web travel, but don't worry - if you get your web travel from somewhere else, there may be another affiliate program that is right for you. Because we want to make sure you use the affiliate program to get the most out of it, we've put together some top hints, among them top performance contents and hints on how to maximize your provision!

Sometime you just need a little extra input or want to find the best flight from the closest airports. Are you interested in joining our affiliate program and earning a great fee, register now for free.

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