Agoda Affiliate Program Commission

Affiliate Program Commissions

Being an Agoda partner, we pay you a commission for completed hotel stays. Agoda's Partner Program is a world-leading hotel partner program with a strong, proven track record, high conversion rates and generous commissions. Skip to the Agoda Travel affiliate program: Participate in the TripAdvisor affiliate program here. The Agoda Affiliate Partners Text Link Generator is distributed under the terms of the GNU GPL.

Agoda Affiliate Review - Fraud?

Hello everyone, I tried to search for reviews/information about Agoda's affiliate program, but couldn't find much information about here/where else, or the information seems to be several years old. Actually I started about 2 moths ago with Agoda, and the affiliate program of TripAdvisor to try to monetarize my little trip page. I receive on avarage about 2.500 hits per day per month and about 6-7 (up to 15) hits per day to one of the 3 pages above.

Now and TripAdvisor seem to be following the clicking (I see some activities in their report, at least). At Agoda, however, I often see 0 klicks per day, although Jetpack's statistics tell me that I have 6 klicks on my Agoda link, for example. However, it also became clear to me that the Agoda staff does not take the trouble to look in detail at emails their partners are sending them about such issues.

1 ) Is it my issue or Agoda's? While I know Jetpack's statistics may not be the most precise, why the mismatch? It would be great if someone could divide his Agoda partner experiences and whether he is reliable or not. 2 ) Would you suggest staying with your partner hotels for a small website?

Unfortunately Agoda and have the biggest number of hotels for my destinations, so I can't make my way to (no cookies) and TripAdvisor Cent is almost zero.

Host Pages

Participate in the program to get a free downloaded datafeed. Click here for a shortcut to the program's native feedback. References in description have been superseded by deep references. This is the evaluation of the target pages of this partner program. Explore and benchmark the mean cost of click and convert rate of different landings pages or get hyperlinks to them.

Affiliateinks will become available only when you join the chosen ad serving of this program. To begin working with the program, you must first be registered in the system. Participate in the Affiliate Program! One of the world' s fasted expanding on-line hospitality markets, Agoda lists over 100,000 properties and offers service in 40 different language versions.

Agoda's award-winning website is quick, simple to use and features world-class technologies. Committed store manager maintains strong ties with hotels around the word and create specialized promotional and advertising programmes to help deliver some of the best offers on the web. Offering our clients the broadest range of accommodation possibilities, we always aim to provide the most competitively priced service.

Reserving a room has some of the highest rates of commission available on-line. Agoda's Partner Program is a world-leading hospitality partner program with a powerful, demonstrated history of success, high conversions and handsome referral fees. The program is a combination of first rate software development and best pricing with a tried and tested capability to generate converting revenue. Our Partner Program functions, from multi-currency to multi-language assistance, are engineered to give you great monetisation of your traffics. has a good name as a hotel destination for large metropolitan areas in Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Europe and America. provides cookie services to help you make the most of your visitors. Special Features of the Partner Program Disbursements: The Agoda Group is an aggregate of a large number of hotel companies around the globe and is willing to pay a fee that forms part of its profit margins.

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