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Affiliate Program

( Agoda. com ) Agoda Affiliate Partners Text Link Generator is distributed under the terms of the GNU GPL. Participate in the Agoda USA Affiliate Program. Offering over a quarter of a million homes, Agoda definitely deserves to be in this mega list of travel blog affiliate programs. Hello, I would like to introduce our new, updated AGODA Hotel Partner Program. (Global) Partner Program (Global)

It has large offices in Singapore, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Tokyo, Sydney, Hong Kong and Budapest, with an added footprint in large Asian, African, Middle Eastern, European and American metropolitan areas.

Agoda's award-winning website is quick, simple to use and features world-class technologies. The Agoda Partner Program is the world's premier global hospitality partner program with over one million properties and a solid, established history of success. The program is a combination of first rate features, best pricing and the tried and tested capability to generate high revenue converting revenue from your booking.

What is the reason to join the Agoda Partner Program? A single program - worldwide reach: With over 1,750,000 properties around the globe, Agoda provides you with a truly worldwide coverage from a single program.

Agoda Affiliate Program allows you to earn a percent on every sales you make by offering you a tried-and-tested referral fee pathway that helps you get the most out of your visitors. The Agoda website, with its award-winning look, provides a flawless consumer environment and high level of consumer convergence. The Agoda program, with a 30-day lifetime of cookies, allows you to keep generating revenues as your clients come back week after week to make extra reservations.

Multi-lingual: Agoda support more than 37 different language and currency versions, so you can always deliver the best conversion and most pertinent destination pages directly to your users. It contains information about hotels, descriptions, images and even maps of locations. You have a thorough choice of high converted graphics-banner at your disposition.

You may place a link to any page (home page, town page, target page, hotel page) to provide the most appropriate Landing Pages for your users. Agoda Affiliate Program provides a straightforward and profitable fee model that makes it easy to see the immediate results of your effort.

Fee is payable at the end of the period of residence. Fees for all cancellations are calculated on the basis of your booking. Since Agoda did not check out until the client has validated.

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