Agency Affiliation

agency affiliation

If applicable, list your insurance affiliation. By adding an agency affiliation you gain access to agency specific courses and materials and allow your agency to track your progress. Please select *No agency affiliation required if you are not using your IGC certificate to access a government application. Agency appointments achieved by belonging to the agency end when the person's connection to the agency ends. Affiliation Agent/Agency - Veteran refund for licensing exams.

Prerequisites for registering

You must fill in and submit to your employers the Confirmation of Labour Status Questionnaire (PDF) provided by the Ministry of Health. Every requester must reply to the queries regarding his/her own person's details.

NB: A consultant associated with the Agency may render consultancy only as part of his engagement with a recognised agency. Agency candidates who submit an offer within seven working day of being employed can render up to 60 working day service within the agency while the division is processing their offer.

The consultants of the Agency must inform the Division within 30 working days if they are no longer working for the Agency specified at their request, or if they are now working for another Agency, or both. Consultants associated with the Agency may not provide advice unless they are employees of an Agency. Conducting backgrounds and ensuring that candidates have filed the necessary charges.

A further verification may be carried out by the Disciplinary Body if the Supervisory Body cannot check that the claimant complies with all the conditions. We will inform candidates of any rejection formal. Claimants may apply to be heard in order to challenge the contested judgment. The consultants of the Agency must update their licence every year. The registration information expires on the beneficiary's birth date and can be extended within 90 workingdays after the expiration date.

At a later stage, the Ministry of Health will define and enforce this request.


Any changes in the membership of an agency must be notified by the company within 30 working days of the changes. Connections for both licenced and nonlicensed agency staff should be submitted via e-mail via SAC. The LDI's industrial access is the web-based gateway to the LDI that enables a large number of registrations from industrial users.

Unolicensed Officer and Owner are logged with the Agency Affiliation Nonlicensed Officers/Owners team. Those add-ons allow agents to directly refresh our data base in near real-time. If you open the Associations panel, you will see a list of the current LDI Associations.

New people can be added to the member lists or those who have quit your organisation can be deactivated. It does not allow you to deactivate a membership if the deactivation leaves the company without an acting owner prod.

Click here for step-by-step guidance on how to register for Industry Access membership.

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