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Use membership information and help. Will this information be required for registration? They can publish in scientific journals without formal affiliation. The authors list their affiliation in a research article, usually to a university or research institution. Give this sheet to any future member to retrieve the necessary information before logging in.

Update membership information

Entries are entitled to be the individual information of its kind (name, affiliation, telephone or e-mail) that appear in the summary that is first given in reply to a query in the online directory. When you select this item by checking the checkbox, the item becomes the only information that will appear in the brief overview that is first displayed in reaction to a Penn authorised user online directory query.

You will find information about occupational designations or degrees in this section. Students' listings in this section list a main or focus area for students or a study name for graduates and young professionals. Students' registrations in this section are administered by the registry office and cannot be processed directly in the online directory.

There is a position description in this columns for lecturer and employee records. When you have the teaching or personnel level, you can make records that are more specialized than those created by the human resources function (for example, list of heads of departments or professorships, work group name, organizational level name, and so on). Company:

Contains information about the organisation in which you are studying or working at Penn. Students' records in this section show the department of the university that is in charge of your course of studies. Students' registrations in this section are administered by the registry office and cannot be processed directly in the online directory.

In the case of lecturer and co-worker records, this section contains information about the school, centre, department or working group. You cannot edit records that contain information from Human Resources directly in the online directory. Teachers and employees can, however, make new records that may contain user-defined information in this row.

Under each entry, you can search in the Organization columns, regardless of whether you want to display it or not. Belonging: Here you will find information about your university level (student, lecturer, employee, etc.). Records that retrieve information from an authoritative resource, such as the Registrar or Human Resources, fill a value for this colum.

Adding a new record to your membership information allows you to choose from any non-student stats already associated with your relevant resource information. Indicates the provenance of the information included in a particular record and is completed by the online directory use.

The possible entries for this are:: That information is part of your Penn pupil records. The information is part of your wage rate as a Penn worker. Users: This information was typed into the Penn Online Directory by hand. If you click on this icon, all changes that you have made in the information chart are immediately registered in the online directory.

Click this icon to exit the information bar without making any changes to the online directory.

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