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Such network dealers offer unique benefits including the Nationwide Tire Protection Plan and the Nationwide Service Repair Warranty. Everyone accepts the Bridgestone Affiliated Retailer credit card, which makes it easy to finance your vehicle's tire and service needs. Find out why you use the Bridgestone Affiliated Retailer tire and car credit card at local and national dealers. Nuclear merchandising plan for affiliated retailers. The Bridgestone Affiliated Retailer National Network.

BRIDGSTONE Affiliated Retailers

Changing tires: When your tyre becomes unusable due to a risk on the roads, it is substituted by a new tyre. Tyre repair: When your tyre is defective due to street hazards and can be securely serviced, the tyre will be serviced in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions at all facilities involved. Guarantee covers up to $20.00 to have the tyre mended.

Support for tyre change assistance: If you need help to change tyres, you can call the supplier of your preference. Up to $75.00 will be refunded for reimbursable tyre change support costs. When you need help finding a local supplier, you can call 1 (888) 411-9560.

Connect to a worldwide ecosystem of over 3,000 tyre dealers in the United States and Canada.

Your existing clients are coming back with many programmes that offer economies of scope at prices that have been agreed with national approved suppliers. Bridgestone's relationship with the National Hockey League (NHL®) is an important part of the brand's dedication to our sport on a worldwide basis.

At the heart of this relationship is Bridgestone's NHL Winter Classic®, the NHL®'s annual New Year's Day tent outer-play. Bridgestone, the official tyre of the National football League (NFL), has been involved with the soccer community through a year-long, performance-oriented drive starting with the NFL combine and culminating in the Super Bowl.

For Bridgestone Americas, our involvement with the game began in 2006 when Bridgestone became the World Championship Champion Bridgestone Invitational and the official tyre sponsor of the International Tour of the Game. One of only four world championships in the field, the Bridgestone Invitational is one of the most prestige competitions in the world of progammon.

Bridgestone's relationship with the PGA TOUR as official sponsor of both the WGC-Bridgestone Invitational and the Official Tire of the PGA TOUR runs until 2018. and the Verizon IndyCar® series: Firestone has been the official Verizon IndyCar® and Indianapolis 500 Mile Race tire since 2002.

Firestone Racing Ingenieure works side-by-side with the company's tyre mechanics to make sure that the technology advancements designed to suit the needs of the circuit help the consumer fulfil the requirements of their everyday journeys. Florence has won The Greatest Spectacle on Racing more than all the other tyre manufacturers put together.

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