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Alert monitoring for the Security Professional. The Affiliated Monitoring is a security and investigation company specializing in PERS, security and firefighter monitoring services. UL listed provider of alarm monitoring services for alarm dealers nationwide. Homepage - All exhibitors; Affiliated Monitoring.

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Affiliated Monitoring 57 Staff Ratings

The affiliated companies and the staff who work for the enterprise are first-class. It'?s a disgrace to those who look for clues. We have some very friendly folks and there are folks who are bad, like any kind of jobs, but the staff are not the issue. Manage is shit. It gives you a tough period of instructions they can't fully understand, so much of what you're doing is "wrong", difficult to get through.

It'?s a good salary, but not much for it. There' s no room for genuine expansion in this business. Sadly, you cannot make progress unless you make good business connections with the team. I' d seen better contestants being skipped all the way for promotion, myself included, and the job would go to a lower performer who was obviously close with the chiefs.

It'?s difficult for Affiliated to keep people. It is also a good place for those who need something part-time. There has to be more order in your company's managements. You' re assured 40 lessons a week if you' re part-time, and you never have to be worried about not having to know what period or day to work.

It is very repeitive, so it is easily learnable and most folks who work here are hard-working and entertaining to be as a whole and very professionally. Business is expanding, but cash is not flowing into staff. Ethics are bad, and most folks here are overworked.

Rather than looking after their staff, the company takes more notice of the look of their beautiful premises. Ah, but they take special responsibility for "certain" staff. Affiliated Houston folks are hard-working and very thoughtful folks. The Houston site has undergone significant changes over the past year, from redesigning the facility, doubling the number of site managers, restructuring/simplifying processes to modernising the technologies used by all our team.

Turn-around for this site is minimum and almost half of the staff has been here for over 8 years. The entire management team here has begun everything from scratch so that it can address any new recruitment issues. Like every business, there are stringent guidelines, but management is respectful of every individual, whether new or old, and is willing to help with any issues that arise.

It' any simple task, but it' s just that your company makes it more stressed than it has to be. In the course of our lives it has become intolerable. They' re so tough on you for participating because there are never enough personnel even when everyone has come. You' d think I've been calling out the same way I've been handled all this while.

Some superiors call all the times and want to teach you when you only do it once. Trouble is, the way this business is managed makes the work here intolerable. You want to keep good people, you have to handle them better. That place could be a good place to work.

Well, they give us party favors and have great incentives. Well, the trouble is, there's bad workmanship, at least in my division, which accounts for most of the personnel.... My suggestion would be to invest more in the education of the monitors and maybe increase the salary so that we can keep some of the good work.

It' s a beautiful place, so the first impression was good. Apparently, I had to work harder to befriend my superiors.

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