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A comprehensive brochure that explains insurance scoring and how your credit score can affect your rates. Household insurance, car insurance, business protection, health, life insurance, speciality. An independent insurance agency for Tallahassee and the surrounding area. A local insurance broker who will help you find the perfect solution for all your insurance needs: life, household, car, health and business. The AFM is a premier commercial property insurance provider dedicated to finding new ways to extend and adapt coverage for our brokers and clients.

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The offers are made on the basis of the information provided, which is checked before use. Your further training is the basis for your acceptability. Supplementary information may be needed to prepare an exact quotation. They are NOT necessarily insured by you by making a simple insurance offer enquiry or apply on-line. However, if your representative accepts, he will inform you when your cover will commence.

Affiliated Insurance Services Corp | Home & Car Offers

Since 1996 Affiliated Insurance Service Corp. has been an independently owned insurance company in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania. More than 40 years of insurance history gives us the necessary knowledge to take out home, car, boat, personal accident, personal accident and invalidity insurance. The AISC adapts your insurance plan to the risks you are exposed to in your lifetime.

Affiliated Insurance, as an independent insurance agent, acts for several of the top valued insurance carriers and can select the insurance carrier that has the right insurance plan for your needs. Our research is carried out for you and we tailor the business to your particular needs.

Associated Insurance Managers - Insurance

Safeguard your home and your belongings with a full insurance cover. You get competent help by selecting exactly the right guideline for your needs and your budgets. They can also get great cover for your medical, invalidity and endowment insurance. Safeguard your company from loss, no matter what type of company you run.

Safeguard your company today! No matter whether you are looking for private or commercial insurance, Affiliated Insurance Managers will purchase on your behalf more than one provider.

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