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A related party clause applies to any subsidiary or parent company of a company. A lot of translated sample sentences with "or an affiliate of" - Spanish-English dictionary and search engine for Spanish translations. Transactions with affiliated companies A number of dealers decide to set up separate legal entities to carry out various activities of the dealer. More and more people are recognising the value of the synergies between NKF and BGC, Kantor and CCRE.

Associated companies

Related enterprises are all enterprises owned, operated or jointly owned by the Company. Affiliates are a holding company or a wholly owned affiliate, as well as any entity operating primarily outside the United States in which the owners or rated persons directly or indirectly own or hold at least 10 per cent (10 per cent) or more of the shares of the Company's shares carrying the right to vote issued by the Group.

Associated enterprises are the enterprise and any entity that is a member of a group of enterprises under control (as referred to in section 414(b) of the Code) to which the enterprise belongs. No part of the Plan shall confer any right on any Participants to be engaged as employees of the Company or any Affiliate or to prejudice the right of the Company or any Affiliate to terminate any Participant's employment at any time.

The Plan is not intended to confer any right on any Participant to be engaged as an employed person of the Company or any Affiliate or to restrict the right of the Company or any Affiliate to dismiss any Participant anytime.

Affiliates are all parents or subsidiaries of the Company, regardless of whether they exist now or were subsequently incorporated or acquire as those concepts are described in sections 424(e) and 424(f) of the Code. The plan entitles only members of the Company's or an affiliate's workforce (including directors if they are members of the Company's or an affiliate's workforce) to incentive options.

Associated company means any parent company of the vendor or any company that is a affiliate of that parent company or of the vendor;

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