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Looking for sophisticated, fashionable websites that can join our affiliate program? For manufacturers, the Internet has created an enormous opportunity to achieve additional sales growth and to reach a new and growing customer group. Begin your group with us! I am looking for paediatric dentistry and orthodontic practices to merge with THE SMILES FOR LIFE NETWORK.

Do you have expertise in the promotion of talented PR related goods and service, please send us your application and we will get in touch with you to determine if you are a candidate for collaboration.

Taking into account the new prospects and potential, with the main goal of satisfying our customers, we have launched the Panhellenic Affiliate Programme so that we can respond to the general audience in a professional way. It is a long-established and dependable co-operation programme, anchored in a legally binding treaty that explicitly sets out commitments, demands and rolls.

The goal of our business is to build productive relationships and invest in new technology, so that we are always prepared to provide our customers with advanced service and high standard of service.

Our target groups are individual persons and businesses who are involved in the tourist industry, the creation of web sites or the computer. All our service and product offerings can be offered to our customers by our partner-operators.

Partners with us - Affiliate Program and White Labeling | Crimson Interactive

Crimson Interactive's worldwide reach gives you the freedom/opportunity to grow across different regions and take advantage of our unique technical assistance infrastructure. Partners need to concentrate on growing their customer base and not spend it. As part of this programme, we offer your customers all our linguistic service under your name.

According to this approach, we put at your disposal the necessary infrastructures, know-how and competences for all your project needs. With 24 x 7 client service, we ensure differentiated, high value service.

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