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Associate Window London

Affiliate Window and zanox are the new names for Awin, a global affiliate network. Associate Window, London, Great Britain. At Moovit we offer you the best routes to Affiliate Window by public transport. Edwards has over nine years of experience working for affiliate networks. An analyst on the Digital Window Compliance team.

Get to know the British team

Previously, Ian worked in the field of economic information and consultancy, most recently as CEO of Ovum's technology research division. Ms. Henning became head of the Key Accounts division and led the division's operations, which included sales, services supply, innovations and strategic execution. With 15 years of industry expertise in the field of performing arts Michelle has a deep knowledge of the industry as a whole.

Tom has 10 years combined expertise in a wide range of media across a wide range of industries across a broad range of industries, spanning strategic search, leads creation, programme and affiliate consulting, and is in charge of UK business and communications strategies. Previously, Tom was Global Director of Sales and Global Sales at Ve Interactive, where he served in various business functions. As Head of Key Account Management, she is currently in charge of helping the organization deliver the best customer support, knowledge and strategies to some of the largest brand names in the channels.

In October 2016, he changed to his present position and is in charge of both the operative and strategical alignment of the division, representing the interests of editors and facilitating affiliate recruitment for all editors, both new and new. As Head of Account Management, she is now in charge of providing services, optimising and strategically growing her customers.

Mr. Claire has nine years of proven track record in a variety of markets, among them consumers marketers. In 2011, after completing her bachelor's degree in computer science, she moved to the Technical Services group.

Finding Your Career In Affiliate Marketing

Become part of our multifaceted worldwide network and work with some of the world's most recognized brand names. It is our employees who make our business what it is - it is what our customers say, what our business associates say and above all what our business is about. Beyond the offices, we rewards our hard-working crews with regularly scheduled activities, such as our now legend setting all-around campus.

Customer service team includes customer administration for advertisers and customer administration for publishers. Our committed resource team are professionals in their respective domestic market and work on advising, advising and shaping our clients' strategy. To learn more about the vacancies available in our customer service team, click here. To learn more about the positions available in our global distribution and recruitment team, click here.

Our HR is at the heart of our corporate identity and our workforce. The HR staff, committed to creating, growing and maintaining a vibrant and integrative corporate environment, are introducing corporate trainings, wellness activities and employee outreach. Within the Finance Division, it makes sure that all staff are remunerated on schedule, provides efficient partner management throughout the organization through a broad array of reports, and conducts financial trainings throughout the organization to provide customers with optimal financial assistance and advice.

The Tech Services staff is the first point of contact for our customers who validate daily trace enquiries or debug customers on site. Our technical service is a good starting point for anyone who wants to further their programming knowledge.

And our development team is committed to continually innovating our product and technology to make sure our platforms remain the best in the business. Nosy people who are willing to take a risk and try out new things to further enhance our service.

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