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Here you can login to your Publisher Account Dashboard and select "Affiliate". You are looking for the login for Media Center? To see your affiliate prices, you must register. I installed the WP Affiliate Plugin on two websites I created for clients. Your partners will then see the list of languages they can use on the login screen.

IASB - Code of Conduct for Downloads - Help Center for Publishers

The IAB' s Affiliate Marketing Council published a UK based behavioural statement in May 2010 which aims to regulate the use of downloading opt-in softwares that are monetized by the use of affiliate link. These types of softwares, when down-loaded to a user's computer, can assume a number of different file types, some of which include, but are not restricted to, the following:

Discount catchers", which are specifically used by rewards / loyalty and other incentive partners. It could be a pop-up window that reminds the user to accumulate points or cash back while surfing if they are not signed in or redirected from the initial affiliate site. It prompts you to deserve the rewards by click through an affiliate hyperlink.

Widget that can be down-loaded to the desktops of users containing affiliate link. Though very few affilates currently use these technology, some have considered including them in their existing advertising practices to generate affiliate revenues. Since the breadth of available softwares is not always apparent, IAB's Affiliate Marketing Council (AMC) has reached an agreement on a behavioral framework that would give more visibility to advertisers, publishers, affiliates as well as agents and networks about this added resource.

It includes all distributable softwares and demands that partners share the revenues and revenues from their other partner activities created by this technologies. Partners must also offer clear installation and uninstallation choices. Following rules govern the use of certain types of application that are monetized by IAB member companies through publishers' hyperlinks.

This policy has been developed and adopted by all networks that are members of the Affiliate Marketing Council of the IAB, namely Affiliate Future, Affiliate Window, Affilinet, Buy. at, Commission Junction UK, DGM, Linkshare, OMG, Tradedoubler and Webgains. On the other hand, an Affiliate Link Agreement is an agreement between an Affiliate and an Affiliate that is an agreement between the Affiliate and an Affiliate that is not an agreement between the Affiliate and the Affiliate.

This policy applies only to the use of our products. Policies state that all such affiliate sponsored softwares should do so: Enter a clear opt-out and make it as simple as possible for clients to disconnect the app from their computer. It must be done through the default Windows/Mac add/remove feature and the nomenclature must be the same throughout.

You will receive information on how to do this when you contact the respective affiliate group. Every affiliate will publish its own policies describing how publishers distinguish selling from applying other means to selling. Publishers whose uses are already in use will be granted a 60-day extension following the publication of this Policy to register with dealers.

Again, the network will provide detail on how this will be supervised for their dealers. Distributors should work with specific network partners to see how they approach dealers in each network.

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