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Affiliate Amazon WordPress Theme Recommendations. Affiliate marketing is one of them. Exactly what is an affiliate website, affiliate marketing, and how can you make money online. It has been around for many years and is one of the first affiliate websites on the Internet. Affiliate sites will not be listed more than once.

Top 5 great examples of successful Amazon affiliate websites (2018 edition)

Are you looking for some good practices for Amazon affiliate websites? Today I will give you my deep insight into 5 high-profit Amazon affiliate sites...including my major takesaways so you can use them to drive the growth of your own on-line businesses. And since this is the second issue of this article, I chose to make it even more complete by listing 9 more instances of good websites that have been monetised with other partner programmes.

Today, The WireCutter concentrates on extensive research and experimentation to produce detailed and useful shopping guidelines that help consumers select the best items in a variety of different catagories. This 5-year affiliate website was purchased by the New York Times in October 2016 for over $30,000,000,000 in US dollars in the form of hard currency.

CONTENTS STRATEGY: The Wirecutter's triumph is evident once you've reviewed one of the articles. As an example, their rating of the best earphones below $40 is on a different plane, so all contributors should use The Wirecutter as their first example of what a good evaluation is.

I' ve never seen a rating or blogs with over 750 commentaries! Looks like they're starting to read Amazon and other big on-line markets in order to pinpoint the best items in a particular class, and then they're actually buying them to run their own testing to get their own results.

You can see in another example of the best photo printers that they can produce so much better and deeper contents than any of their rivals. Linking 4k and are currently in the process of dominant Google for every "best[product]" keyword in our online and gadget searches. MONETARISATION STRATEGY: The wirecutter is informed in advance how he earns a living, which creates confidence among his public through openness.

You earn mainly with the Amazon affiliate programme, but also use affiliate programmes from various other merchants and ski-minks. You use a whole range of in-content affiliate link to the featured items throughout the articles. Constant qualitiy controls create confidence with your audiences and contribute significantly to the improvement of your conversations.

At the end of 2015 I found Lucie's Listing and was very excited how quickly they were able to increase their contents and increase their audience. CONTENTS STRATEGY: Lucie's listing first became known through the newsletters "Crib Notes". As well as name and e-mail, it asks for the due date and real date of birth of the infant so that it can provide more up-to-date and relevance information to the subscription.

Those three factors, combined with good contents, are the reason why the newsletters are so much loved and their largest canal. By browsing through the archive of their newsletters, you can see the types of contents that are published there. Lucie?s List really does take full advantages of timed contents on the basis of the parent?s status to provide better contents.

Much of the email is highly informative and valuable with promotional email. You will find in the navigation panel that it has contents and purchase instructions for each phase that a wife and her loved ones go through with a kid - Babydusche-Register, Babybed, Babies, Small Children and a dedicated page for Gemini.

Pole on stroller seems to be like the deepest item on your site and even then it doesn't go into as much detail or has as beautiful pictures as the other government pages above. However, there are many reviews and most of them can be found on the gear guide page, which is referenced in the navigation panel and allows fast retrieval from any page.

MONETICATION STRATEGY: Lucie's Liszt is monetarized with Amazon affiliate program, nappies, com, giggles and more. Her exclusion policy states that she rigorously trusts affiliate commission to prevent the publication of sponsorship, and it doesn't look like there are advertisements on the site. In addition, she has an e-book for sales with a hyperlink in the navigation area.

Produce tonnes of fast response rate contributions for a large range. Founded in 2010, OGL (Outdoor Gear Lab) is one of the largest and most reliable locations for evaluating products outdoors. CONTENTS STRATEGY: At first sight OutdoorGear Lab looks like an eCommerce shop with a lot of category on the homepage, but if you click on one you will see that it is a complete alcove site clothed in a nice look.

Clicking on their article Best Ultralight Backpack review, for example, will instantly greet you with a spreadsheet that compares different items with a more granular view of each one below. Curiously, her reviews have five distinct pages on different URLs: Sitemap with the spreadsheet and detail critiques of the five best performing brands, a rating page with a complete spreadsheet of all brands, a page with a price/value graph, purchase guidance and a "How we tested" page.

That is a lot of contents around a particular niche products group. Buy now" is not a common word everywhere, because OutdoorGear Labs focuses on contents and gains the confidence of users to create a long lasting successful comunity. MONETARISATION STRATEGY: OutdoorGear Labs does not focus on making as much cash as possible.

Your affiliate link is somewhat hard to find. How the capability for user to set up an user accounts and post their own ratings in the annotations shows, they see more value in creating a communities than in making fast money. I am really thrilled to show you this site because Snapsort is so different from what most folks think when it comes to creating an affiliate website.

It uses a data-driven paradigm to create its reviewed and comparative contents. It contradicts the usual way of producing profound and lengthy contents that are followed by most humans. CONTENTS STRATEGY: Snapsort builds a mark by distinguishing itself from other cameras rating pages. They can say that their website has been customized, which creates authenticity and confidence for the users and is therefore more likely to buy on the basis of their ratings.

You are publishing critiques of various types of digicams and navigation on the site is simple to find what you are looking for. If you come to a recent review, such as the Nikon D750, you will find that your reviews are not that complicated. SNAPSPORT uses the functions of the mouse lens as primary evaluation criterion.

You can also modify the price shown in 11 different currency and the affiliate link will be changed to the chosen state. monetary strategy:users can choose to purchase via affiliate link to Amazon, B&H Photo-Video and/or Adorama. The Affiliate Link is changed according to the chosen countries and optimized by you.

They don't always have to produce lengthy printed contents to reach a high Google ranking. That' s why I'm bankrupt, came from the Fry from Futurama meme, "Shut up and take my money" and it's an understatement. Finally, folks posted This is Why I'm Broke hyperlinks to this and other subreddies, which gave them huge volumes of trafficking.

CONTENTS STRATEGY: On the homepage of the website you can immediately begin searching your search for items. Affiliate codes are used to link to Amazon or any other website with an affiliate key, if any. Prizes can vary from only 0.75 to 200 million dollars (the Playboy Mansion) - the only thing that counts is that the item is interesting to keep you on the site.

Thanks to all the hyperlinks and the media they get, they have the opportunity to rate them according to very competitively priced keywords, such as "gifts for men", where they occupy 2nd place. MONETISING STRATEGY: For this reason, I'm Broke uses affiliate hyperlinks for monetisation and not advertising. You also use affiliate hyperlinks with other merchants and some affiliate hyperlinks do not exist if they are interesting enough to be published.

Take a look at these 9 successful websites that have been monetarised with other affiliate programs. CONTENTS STRATEGY: Since the beginning, Pat has been fairly regular in refreshing his blogs with new contents every single weeks, reporting his advances and experiences as he builds his own on-line store. In addition, the contents of the niche site duel were so good that it drew tonnes of new visitors to it and contributed to consolidating its place in the blogset.

MONETARY STRATEGY: Fortunately for us, Pat published all source of his earnings in very verbose monetary earnings overviews. Specifically, Pat earns most of his living as an affiliate who recommends marketers, with Bluehost being the most profitable. They publish review of our company's offerings and promote partners in their e-mail-lists.

Sweet Setup is most likely the largest and best site for reviewing apps, with several reviews published per workweek. Like The Wirecutter, The Sweet Setup concentrates on the careful selection of keyswords such as "best[product]", but for the application industries. CONTENTS STRATEGY: Your most divided topic after Buzzsumo is your contribution to The Best Gif Keyboard for iPhone (interestingly, they don't show socially and they don't approve comments).

Wherever it makes sence, The Sweet Setup will also use top-quality email collection tools, such as email collection tools, as they do for their contribution to the Best Photofinishing App, which is a clever way to create a subscriber who is also interested in other applications they will check in the near term, and to get back there.

MONETICATION STRATEGY: The Sweet Setup uses affiliate link for the iTunes store to earn money and also offers sponsorship for websites. Overall, it looks like they're making about $2,200 a month just from sponsoring and advertising, and however much from the iTunes affiliate programme. By its very Nature, any prepaid application you check is on the iTunes store, and most prepaid applications are entitled to affiliate commission.

First and foremost, they check various VPN utilities to help their customers decide which one is best for them. CONTENTS STRATEGY: BestVPN releases stories and video tutorials that explain what a VPN is, best practice for using a VPN, safety and more. It is a great way for them to benefit from recent incidents and the high number of queries and visits they generate.

MONETORING STRATEGY: BestVPN is monetarized in various ways. You also make cash with various VPN affiliate programmes, which in my opinion would account for the lion's share of your sales. You also use affiliate hyperlinks when checking a VPN and in your lists of various top-VPNs. If you try to visit a website, you will immediately find out the website owner and will also be welcomed with an affiliate referral to buy the same web site as the one you visited.

CONTENTS STRATEGY: In the Hauptnavi you will find the top 10 host sites that host ratings, benchmarking utilities and vouchers. Currency Strategy: probably earns a ton cash by Hosting Affiliate Linking, we know how profitable this can be from the Smart Passive Income blog. HostingAdvice. com is yet another web site that follows a more traditionally oriented view of how to create great long-format contents.

STAREGY OF CONTENT: Your section on the basics of web hostings is a sophisticated part of the contents that takes a novice through the entire teaching curve, what hostings are, how to find the right hosts, and how to create one for your needs. If applicable, they may refer to other items on their website that contain affiliate hyperlinks throughout.

MONETARISATION STRATEGY: has no advertising banners of any kind, but they welcome sponsor ratings and rankings in their "Best of" list. Your only source of income is through affiliate linking to promote your host company. CONTENTS STRATEGY: You'll quickly notice that Website Builder Professional uses a large pop-up with exits intention that doesn't ask for your e-mail, but gives you two options:

Launch (1) a website with Wix or (2) an e-commerce website with Shopify - both affiliate sites. It is an interesting idea that we have not yet seen from the other websites that have been checked. Apart from that, Website Builder Experts also regularly posted reviews for non-technical Web masters, along with default reviews from various Web designers.

Once you've searched the site for a while, you'll be welcomed again with another pop-up asking for an e-mail to upload to. MONETICATION STRATEGY: Website builders do not use expert advertising banners, but they do make their own side bar advertisements that are affiliate link to their most favorite website builders. It seems that all their income is generated through affiliateinks.

CONTENTS STRATEGY: Once you arrive on Nootriment for the first straight shot, you'll be welcomed with a full-screen acquisition that promotes a highly appealing and commissionable item. There is a vast food ingredient industry and you will not be able to think of a healthcare problem for which the food ingredient industry has not yet produced a specific food for.

Throughout one of their supplemental reports, take their Noopet check for example, they offer a fairly good outline of what the supplement is, its advantages, a check and suggested dosing. There' also a "Related Topics" section at the bottom of the page which is almost invisible, but contains more than 15 detail pages on Noopet which all look as if they are keyword related.

Usually a click on one of these additions will take you to a similar summary page; however, if Nootriment has not yet posted any contents for this addition, the affiliate link will be directly scattered to Amazon. Nootriment's overall publishing policy is to publish a metric tons of keyword related information. MONETARISATION STRATEGY: Dietary supplementation has a large margins and working directly with producers could result in a higher level of provision than Amazon.

You will find affiliate link nurotriment in every item (and its full-screen takeover) from both the publisher and Amazon. E-Commerce Platforms checks various e-commerce trading system softwares that you can use to launch an e-commerce shop. Examine and benchmark different plattforms to help you make the right decisions. STAREGY OF CONTENT: Once you get on the site for the first moment, you have a pop-up window in which e-mail address is collected in order to receive a buyer's guideline for an e-commerce site in return.

Gathering e-mail accounts is a big part of their policy here. You will see a few different navier buttons to select from. You can either see a complete evaluation from there or register with the website via an affiliate hyperlink. E-commerce platforms also has a resource page in the primary navigation system where user can get a listing of useful utilities (affiliate links), get their best article reading and even visit some of the other websites owned by e-commerce platforms.

A page of this kind, which is also located in the primary navigation system entitled "Ecommerce Websites", will take you to a page named e-comm. As with the website builders, they have a sibling site named Website Builders, where they also check the website builders softwares. MONETARISATION STRATEGY: E-Commerce platforms are monetarized through affiliate relationships with various e-commerce platforms vendors.

Affiliateinks can be found at any time when they are talking about a site, but they have also added a plain picture ad in the side bar to try Shopify, which is just an affiliateinink. Considered the UK's biggest consumers website with over 15 million visitors per months, the Saving Expert saves lives and saves smart souls.

Having been in existence for more than 13 years, they have collected an almost inconceivable amount of contents and a staff of over 70 persons. CONTENTS STRATEGY: From advising on the best banking account and insurer to buying recommendations and travel offers, Saving Expert speaks just about anything where someone could be saving cash - hence the large staff that helps with all contents.

Featuring long items and guidelines instead of a gooey side bar ad, Money Saving Expert has a gooey spreadsheet content that looks really beautiful, as you can see in their guidebook for the best cashback and rewards credits as well. Ultimately, the aim for them is to keep visitors on the site and sign up, as they are using at least one affiliate hyperlink.

It is a great way to place a bit on a page for a very competetive one. Currency Strategy: Currency Saving Expert uses a one-of-a-kind affiliate link methodology. Authors post the item first and then have other members of the editorial staff find affiliate link (s) for the product being advertised. It is disclosed as an effort to keep the contents of the site about value for price in second place.

In addition, they tag each affiliate hyperlink with * at the end of the hyperlink and make a non-affiliate hyperlink available. Hopefully you liked my review of the 14 winning affiliate sites above. Though I call them "affiliate websites", since their main monetisation is to promote other people's brands, all of the above websites adhere to the authoritative page-modell.

This means that they do not only coexist to raise funds for the owner. The amount of cash you earn is often related to the value you are creating. It makes good business sense that these websites represent a very sound 6, 7 or even 8-digit sales size.

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