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You can also connect with car rental companies, hotels and restaurants. Increase your business by using the power of travel without the associated liability. Do not click on the "Register your travel agency" button, as this only applies to the registration of travel agencies.

When you want to deploy with Click Per Click, we recommend travel partner programmes that you want to work with at a new beginning. HotelCombined - specialized only in large capacity accommodation.

For those of you who prefer a partner who pays per booking, here are some suggested travel partner programmes that charge fees for successfully making referrals. travel payouts - for hotel and flight they provide low rates of provision. The VIPcars - for rental companies to incorporate a beautiful travel agency travel system. Many travel companies run reward programmes with CJ.

Advantages of Affiliate Marketing for Tour Operators

More and more travel companies are using the affiliate market ing-model to win new clients and attract current ones with low costs. The affiliate experience is the ideal market ing-destination that will take the travel sector to new levels, with the possibility to work with a wide range of publishers, especially high quality publishers, across various media platforms (mobile, community, etc.) and follow their performances and payments over time.

We' ll work with you to design a personalised policy that ensures your programme offers branded partners, tailor-made referral fees, adequate Cookie length, extended coverage, achievement targets and more.

In order to make sure that all your affiliate affiliates are brand-oriented and that you are well represented in the market through coherent messages, we rigorously track their campaign and contents. Our research includes quantified and quality information from a variety of different source types to deliver reliable reports and indicators to help you achieve your goals.

We work with the world''s foremost affiliate networking and open SaaS ( "Software as a Service") platform to make sure you get the right technological requirements for your programme and the highest level of services from your vendor.

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