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Joomla! Affiliate Tracker is a complete affiliate tracking tool for Joomla website owners to create a complete affiliate program. Follow recommendations, commission sales of your partners and increase profits and traffic! The Joomla is an Open Source Content Management System (CMS). and Omnistar, Plimus, Idevdirect, Avangate Affilate Network und On-site-Software.

The software is available through the Avangate Affiliate Network.

JoomlaThat Affiliate Tracker! - JOMLA extension directory

Joomla's only affiliate program utility! Build an affiliate market area on your website, fully compliant with VirtueMart, PayPlans, HikaShop, K2Store, Emerald, OS Membership Pro, AkeebaSubs... Keep tabs on your affiliate partner's purchases, registration, conversions, recommendations and rewards. Keep tabs on how much revenue and revenue your advertisements bring to your site and monitor all your affiliate link inbounders.

The Joomla Affiliate Program contains all the functions you are looking for to implement a full affiliate program on your Joomla website and increase your profit. You' ll be able to follow any actions that you are interested in following to see how much cash it displays to you. A central area for everything: integrated with VirtueMart, PayPlans, HikaShop, RedShop, K2Store, Y2Store, OS Membership Pro, Akeeba Subs, Emerald... - Sets the commission per single user independently (different user can receive different commissions, percentages or lump sums).

  • View the converted versions that have been created, authorize or deny them, fix your commission. -Receive email alerts when user requests new account or when new account upgrades are made. -Make more than one payout for more commissions for your partners, paying them on-line whenever you want. You need a single lead, you can use it.

Used for tracing without converting. Can' use it for converting because it only tracks orders. A business concept is needed to expand this expansion in order to become an adult. It' s like a birth and abandonment, not a kid! Thank you for taking the trouble to check out our expansion. On our website you will find the Affiliate Tracker Application Programming Interface (API) that is designed to help you follow EVERYTHING you want, beyond orders.

Purchase orders are the most important thing that people want to keep tracking, and that's why it's what we standardly do. However, the very point of Affiliate Tracker is that you can follow anything that interests you through the affiliate tracker application program. It is also noteworthy that our expansion has been upgraded many times over the years, both large and small. Please rethink this check as it doesn't appear correct....

It was necessary to adjust the components to follow the entries from RSSForm. We ordered some customized work because our website has specific needs, but the help was useful and did a very speedy, great job! Affiliate system on our website. Good and speedy technical assistance. I had been looking regularly for a good affiliate expansion for Joomla 2.5 for a couple of years, and Affiliate Tracker proved to be just that.

I' ve about three years of working with Joomla, but I'm not an authority and I don't have any programming skills - still everything was easy. Joomla That! had to do some customized developments to be able to integrate this with the standard plug-in, because I use a user-defined reservation and payment system on my website.

Our services and supports were second to none. This expansion will do everything you can ask of an affiliate system. A thing I'd like to see is the possibility to make a kind of galleries of pictures of banners for your affiliate to search and then copy and past a portion of the source that contains their own custom links.

In this way, each affiliate is provided with an unique personal web address that they can use as they wish. As far as I can tell, you can't alter the interest rates, either according to the products that have been purchased or the total selling prices.

That' not something I need, but there might be folks out there who would need it - their margin might vary between different brands or they might want the affiliate to pusher certain articles to get better payouts. All in all, Affiliate Tracker offers an great way to advertise your website with very low lead-ins.

It is expected to become one of the most favorite Joomla extension in the Joomla folder. Probably the best level of customer service I've ever had. Installing the AF on my website with a shop and having trouble configuring it to follow the user of the guesthouse check-out. I' m very excited about the plug-in and the way it supports the Affiliate Tracker plug-in.

Acquired and reinstalled the plug-in on a subscription-based member page, and also reinstalled OS Member Pro, which is built into the affiliate application. First I had problems with the software that didn't register converting for a partner, and I received email assistance. I also asked that the programme follow regular renewals and allocate the affiliate the fee for each renewal of their plan.

There was a charge offered to me for creating this article, but support felt this would be a useful add-on for all of us, so he put it in the application for free and released it to others. I' m very excited about the way it works - both the integration into the member application and the affiliate area where the affiliate can login at the front end of the site to see it.

Full accountability for what happens to your commission and you can choose whether or not to approve your converted earnings before the affiliate is notified of the converted earnings. Recommendations can be verified via the frontend for each partner and the origin of the recommendation.

The backend can handle all affiliate accounts and make payment to the affiliate whenever you want by simply pressing the Pay Affiliate Buttons. It can be connected with PayPal or if the Affiliate selects bank remittance. It' the same as advertising and more! They are very kind and generally my experiences with their softwares are great!

And I would commend this expansion to everyone!

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