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The most trusted semi-private and private travel company in the southwest of the United States. The Affiliate app provides you with detailed sales reports, key metrics and insights that enable you to create successful affiliate campaigns. With Affiliates you have access to thousands of tours and activities that you can discover, package and sell on your own website. In order to participate in the affiliate program, register in our billing system and then click on the "Affiliate" tab. Homepage - Tour - Prices - Contact - About us.


When you own a website and want to generate additional income, this affiliate programme may be right for your company. There is no need to procure the products, no need to construct a reservation machine and a payments portal, as Experience OZ will make this available to all of you free of charge and easily!

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What does it do?

Being our partner you are generating revenue and revenue for our website and receiving in exchange a lot of commission. All of our partner programmes are targeted at all kinds of companies; it is a great opportunity for our pet save enthusiasts and partner to raise additional funds to support your missions.

The affiliate receives 5-10% of the earned fee for each sales transformed and made. If you join our affiliate programme, you will get a set of text and banner link ads that you can place anywhere.

Clicking on one of your hyperlinks redirects a visitor to our website and our affiliate programme tracks their activity. You even get real-time stats and partner reporting to measure your partners' achievement.

Support of the partners by telephone and e-mail. Here you will get your personal, one of a kind affiliate hyperlink to advertise our website. This affiliate hyperlink does the job of tracking every recommendation you make on our site so that when someone you recommended purchases from us, the affiliate fee is paid to youutomatically.

Let us pay you with our programme! Statistics and reports in your real-time!

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