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Rich Affiliate Theme is the ultimate WordPress Affiliate Theme. This theme suits any affiliate business and helps you to share your services and win more customers. An Affiliate Topic? Thousands of different WordPress themes can be obtained by different developers through the WordPress website. Weal is a minimalistic and highly content oriented blog WordPress Theme by ThemeCountry.

Have we convinced you?

Effortlessly build pro affiliate sites and get a higher conversion ratio than traditional sites with advanced functionality that adds value to your customers and encourages them to buy. Application Programming Interface (API) interface for automated device import: affiliate sites are conceived to be placed in the Google SERPs with lucrative keyswords to generating passively generated revenue.

Google or other web sites send the generated revenue to on-line stores like Amazon and for each individual purchase the affiliate site collects the commission from the on-line store. Our WordPress theme means that you no longer need any plug-ins or programming knowledge. Whether you are already very seasoned or have just begun affiliate branding doesn't make a difference.

Who is the topic for? But before we look at the details of the feature, let's see if our theme is right for you. If you are a business, you can design several smaller sites with our WordPress theme and route the resulting web site to your home page. So why don't you add some value and give your domain some value?

The theme makes it simple to set up a new site and add value to empty domain names. Are you a pro marketing company and do you own a well-functioning company? You no longer have to put your web sites together with a pile of useless plug-ins. This topic contains everything you need to quickly get started with a new work.

This topic will help you to spend a great deal of your spare moment building a new affiliate website so that you can focus on the essentials: how to position your contents. Do you run affiliate programmes and want more? Win new clients and boost your sales with professionally designed web sites. The only thing you need is our design, not a barrel of power plug-ins that slows down your website.

The topic is very broad and yet clear and self-explanatory, so that any gory horn as well as long-time pros can use it efficiently and adapt it as needed. The tremendous response we have received from many industry specialists (e.g. on-line marketing people, sales executives, affiliate experts) has allowed us to develop a perfect working solution for the markets it is made for.

Even the best products in the whole wide range are pointless if nobody can use them. In the following years you can clearly expect many innovations and progress. You can see that our topic will help you to build sites with a very high level of content for you. Every one of us has a different idea of a beautiful affiliate website.

Our products allow you to give free rein to your creative ideas and create the desired website. If you have problems with our topic or a great suggestion for improvements, tell us! We' ll show you some of the most important details so you can see how strong our theme is.

The WordPress theme that works best is even pointless if all the sites you create look the same. At the end of the day, it won't match the item you're trying to market. For this reason, we give you the opportunity to tailor your affiliate website to suit your needs.

Due to the enormous number of functions, the possibilities for customizing the website designs (such as deactivating/activating different areas) are almost unlimited and offer you the possibility to build your own website without any programming knowledge. Our main area of expertise is sophisticated production management. Our shared WordPress backend allows you to build and manage an unlimited number of different items.

Every product's frontend stays as adaptable as you are used to it. In addition to simply list your items in a row or in a row, you can also create comparative tables for specific items. Even stores can be cross-checked so that the user knows which store offers the best price for the item.

Credit ratings / reviews make your website appear more professionally, which significantly raises your site's overall rate of return. Obviously, it would be difficult to build each individual page of your site by hand, so we designed a workaround. With our interface to the affiliate program of amazon, zanox and many others, you can import hundred of items within a few-minute.

This topic comes with a variety of useful shortcuts. If, for example, you want to restrict the items on a particular page to 10, simply use the abbreviation [product limit="10?] - it's child's play. If you know WordPress a little better, you might be familiar with Widget. Such as a widget that allows you to browse your range of items, or an interactivity filter that allows visitors to find the items they are looking for.

Likewise, the Widget-area can be used to give the users more information about the products or different stores. The WordPress and our own WordPress wide pages are adapted to the entire style world. The Bootstrap is, so to speak, the foundation of our theme. Of course, there are many more beautiful things you'll like.

Its design has an integrated slide control - naturally optimised for mobility. In addition, we have optimised our design for several select third-party plug-ins such as "Yoast SEO", which further enhances PageSpeed. And last but not least, we would like to point out that all other information and functions can be found in our extensive document.

However, after a few ditch day's worth of it, I can say frankly that this is one of the best WordPress themes I've ever bought on-line. Have you been impressed by the almost endless functions and possibilities you can have with our WordPress theme?

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