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Partner software from Omnistar

Affiliate Omnistar is one of the most powerful affiliate marketing software solutions on the market. Locate the best affiliate software company for you. The Omnistar Affiliate Software is the leading provider of affiliate software to thousands of businesses worldwide. I have a good friend who runs a large MMA sportswear company and they are adding a partner program very soon. You have an amazing software solution.

Also individual trolleys?

Also individual trolleys? The only thing you need to do is to include our tracker on your homepage and your verification page. May I use my ownomainname? Yes, you can use your own name. In case you have not bought a domainname, then you can buy one through us in your area.

In case you have already acquired a domainname through another business, we will give you the necessary information to refer the domainname to your affiliate programme. Can I set up the software immediately? Yes, once you register for our evaluation version, the software will be instantly deployed and you can set up your affiliate in less than 10 mins.

Are you going to advertise my affiliate programme? Yes, we will include your affiliate programme in a favorite affiliate list that will be advertised to thousands of affiliate people. Is your software capable of multi-level marketing or multi-tier tracing? Yes, our software allows two-level tracing if you choose more than one level.

Omnistar Affiliate Software is a Pay-as-you-go servic. We have an asychronous track ing-code, which means that your web pages are not decelerated by our track ing-code. Is it possible to add my basket / gateways? Yes, they can be integrated seamlessly into any basket or gateways. Is there anything that happens if I overstep my own tracker-request?

You will be alerted by our technical department if you fail to meet the requirements for your next follow-up schedule, and you will be updated to the next follow-up schedule immediately. Yes, it is possible that an affiliate can help you increase your results in Google and other popular websites because all the sites you give your visitors are actually helpful to you.

The OmniStar Affiliate Management Software

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