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Affiliate iDevAffiliate - Affiliate Tracking Software for Partners

Limitless sites can be linked to an iDevAffiliate install using the use of market groups. For each website, define a market group and specify that each market group has its own page to define for receiving visitors. You can now load up each group' s own material. Once an affiliate signs up to receive flags, hyperlinks, etc., they will select which market group they want to receive the flag, hyperlink, etc. from.

Your delivered music will be forwarded according to the input music page specified for this group. Unless you want to set up your application that way, you need a separate iDevAffiliate install for each of your sites and you need to maintain those sites separately, i.e. each install has its own administration area.

Platinum and Black Edition have plug-ins that are included at a discounted rate. No restrictions apply to the functions of the Standard, Platinum and BLack versions. The use of a unique web traffic pixel on the sales verification page of your shopping basket system is the most commonly used approach, but we also have a more sophisticated approach when you need to call our provision handling files within a back-end data via IPN or IPN.

You can find further information in the iDevAffiliate Admin-Center. Our technical staff can help you set up your system using the generically designed Pixels Track and Trace tool. Yes. iDevAffiliate has an importer feature and uses a default Excel/csv importer filename. After your free year of upgrades/downloads has expired, you can buy another 1 year of upgrades/downloads for $89.99 US dollars, regardless of which edition of iDevAffiliate you own.....

Standard, Gold or Platinum. Just move your installers and databases to the new storage place and then restore your licence number. Now your licence code is no longer working at the old site but is still applicable for the new site. Yes. The benefit of buying iDevAffiliate Platinum or Black is the rebate contained in the plug-ins.

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