Affiliate Sites in India

Partner sites in India

I do. com, in) have such an affiliate program in India. Consequently, for affiliate marketers there is a great potential.

Examples of partner sites download (free PDF). Amazonia has also started a partner program in India to. Simply create and start your own affiliate program and allow affiliates to promote your business to increase sales on your website.

TOP 6 affiliate programs from India's e-commerce websites in 2015

When you are an affiliate from India, then you have the chance to make a lot of cash. It' because some of the India e-commerce websites have the best affiliate program for India affiliate marketing companies. In the past, it was very hard for India marketing companies to offer their services to the US public.

Our lists are up to date and the information is up to date. I have to tell you before you start reading this that there are two ways you can register for an affiliate listing on a particular e-commerce site.

Go directly to the e-commerce page. Below 6 e-commerce pages you can register directly by going to the website. The second is signing up through an affiliate intranet. The Flipkart is the number one e-commerce website in India with tens of million users.

Consequently, for affiliate marketeers there is a great deal of opportunity. Affiliate programs can give you up to 10% off some of their wares. The Amazon India Affiliate Programme, also known as Amazon Affiliate, can give you up to 15% commission. Thresholds are $10 for vouchers and $100 for checks.

Cookie period for the affiliate programme is 24h. EFT is the only method of paying for the Snap Deal affiliate programme. The good thing, however, is that there is no such thing as a baseline as with other partner programmes. The Jabong Affiliate Programme asks you every month for 50,000 visitors or visitors to your website or blogs.

In contrast to other web sites, Jabong has an authorization criterium. In addition, India Mart has no admission requirements like Jabong.

Penalty thresholds are 1000/-sr. How eBay India affiliate programme was shut down.

I have not, for example, wrote about the affiliate programme of a top e-commerce site called Myntra. Affiliate networks are available for registration. iCubesWire is the number one affiliate marketer networking for India.

Though I don't have to declare about the affiliate program, I would keep it easy for novices. More simply affiliate networking is an agency between the e-commerce site (like Myntra, Flipkart, Amazon etc.) and you.

Find out how to register here?

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