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They will be redirected to the page where you will see your affiliate link along with various banners. Can I create a form that allows new users to register as an affiliate? After you log on, you can redirect the affiliate to a custom URL specified in this field or display a custom page. Select this check box to join this program immediately after logging in. If there is no registration link, simply login to an existing account.

Top 10 great examples of affiliate program pages

The operation of a sound partner programme is one of the least used revenue-generating canals. Yet most ISPs don't have an affiliate programme, and when they do, it's often an aftermath thought. On many websites with affiliate programmes, for example, the links to the pages themselves are not in the main navigational menus, but in the footers.

Even more important, the text and programming detail of most affiliate programmes do not get the same attention as other sites. Aiming to show what makes a great affiliate site, I have screened over a hundred affiliate sites in different sectors to see best practice in practice. So, what makes a great affiliate site?

Whilst each programme is different, there are certain aspects of the partner programme which need to be clearly defined. Make it clear how much the affiliate will earn per sales? Are you defining the payment plan (i.e. week, month, 60 days)? When using a third-party affiliate ecosystem, be clear so that the user does not end up on a third site in an unexpected manner.

As an example, some applications do not allow gaming or non-English basic pages, while others do not allow the use of deceptive promotion code. Easily advertise your contents by making brand data, brand description and graphic available to your partner. Links to the affiliate programme via the navigational menue.

Note that I haven't made any reference to stunning designs, as most affiliate sites are deliberately minimalist to make sure traffic can readily pinpoint programme detail and advantages. It is more important that the site reaches the prime objective of getting the user to advertise as an affiliate. Considering these items, let us examine sample sites of outstanding affiliate programs in various industries:

Programme details: Encouraging individuals to sign up for a new host is difficult, especially given the scale of competitors. Because they have worked out a niche area ( and are really good at it ), the chances of making affiliate purchases are higher. Your affiliate site clearly mentioned the type of payment, the payment plan, the affiliate networking they use to administer the business (ShareASale), and why individuals join your affiliate programs.

Programme details: An Affiliate can raise $0.50 for each home fitting (i.e. lead) that almost all consumers choose to buy, whether or not they choose to buy it. It is a very interesting way to attract partners who will also be happy to advertise this marque, as for every couple they sell a couple is given to someone in need.

Note that their affiliate programs page is operated by a reputable affiliate managements firm and the page will highlight the name, picture and contacts of multiple affiliate managements. This is a singular and personally note that I have not seen on other affiliate sites yet. Programme details: What is interesting about your affiliate programme is that you can be either remunerated in the form of money or credit.

Your affiliate site is well structured and clearly describes all the core information your affiliate needs to know before submitting an application. The Lifetime Customer Revenue section is noteworthy as it tells you exactly how much you would earn with a trial reservation. Programme details: The Shopify has high revenue levels, some of the highest converting percentages in the business, and one of the most user-friendly affiliate dashboards.

Shopify has a great affiliate programme if you want to get your customers interested in starting their own e-commerce pages. Your site clearly states that your targeted affiliates act as blogs and publisher and highlights the free ressources they make available to them. Shopify's merchandising material is also first class and her staff keeps partners informed of new functionality and promotions.

What I am lacking on the page, however, is the length of the cookies. Programme details: Your affiliate site does a good job of presenting convincing statistics, such as your affiliate relationship with 21,000+ members and payouts of over $1,000,000,000 per year! This chart clearly shows the 50% fee on each sales, while several endorsements complement the programme with additional societal authenticity.

Your affiliate page is one of only a few hyperlinks placed in your footnavigation to make it easier to find. Programme details: The Protect America is a premier home search system with a great affiliate site that has won multiple trade prizes and multiple endorsements. You have an extensible registration page on the page, so no redirection to another page is required (i.e. this is likely to result in more registrations).

Programme details: Draft King, the fantastic sport tycoon, has a very simple partner site that clearly shows how his programme works. What I especially like is that you can browse the programme summary, FAQ and AGB with ease. As your sector reacts very sensitively to regulative demands, this level of visibility is crucial for your partner programme.

Inside the margin, Draft Kings sketches the payment plan for current and new recommendations - no surprise! Programme details: InfusionSoft's site has a very clear mission for those who have a significant exposure to small business through their website, e-mail contact or community network to participate in their referral programme.

This site features a high-quality videotape of an authentic referring party who discusses the advantages of the programme. Below on the page there is a whole section that enhances the many advantages and ressources, including invitation to their conference. In contrast to many others, InfusionSoft makes its programme features available in a PDF file that can be downloaded and seamlessly incorporated into the website.

Programme details: The Freshbooks website has a nice partner site that gets right to the point. This page is in line with the trademark and styling of all other pages on the site. Like other highly converted sites, it offers several ways to sign up and emphasizes practical features such as affiliate newsletters and banner creativity.

Since most business owners need bookkeeping softwares, FreshBooks is a good solution for the affiliate. Programme details: The MaxCDN has a one-of-a-kind provision system for its members and they present it well by publishing the precise amount (double payout) according to each proposed scheme. On the site we present generous current partner, which most of us would acknowledge, as well as persuasive endorsements.

I have seen many well-known pages displaying their logos, so this is a good indicator of how efficient this partner site was for MaxCDN. Having reviewed the 10 pages above, and tens more, it is obvious that the affiliate page requires more attentiveness. As companies can only profit from extra income, take full advantages of the low hung fruits and begin to optimize your affiliate site to earn more income.

Have you seen other great affiliate sites on the web? Publish them in the comment below.

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