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Comprehension of the efficiency of sales funnels. Being the company running an affiliate program, you pay your affiliates a commission for every lead or sale they make to your website. Boost your online sales today by creating an affiliate program. Let's start with a basic definition of affiliate marketing, it is: You will learn how to increase your affiliate marketing sales and promote your web products in a meaningful way.

affiliate distribution: Realistic guide to generating revenues from your website

Earning affiliate earnings is often announced as one of the best ways to make online cash. Never am I advocating leaving the affiliate earnings as your only source of earnings, or launching a blogs with affiliate sales as your only monetization policy, because for most blogs it just means pence, maybe dollar, and even that's not consequent.

Of course, you could make a few dollars here and there or a voucher for a regular subscription you use. Whilst every buck is welcome, of course, and this kind of affiliate revenue can complement other incomes, it is not enough to sustain a whole host familiy. Soon as you have a significant amount of traffic - I'd say at least 10,000 one-of-a-kind visits per months - you can also put your shopping cart in the stack.

Aware that it would take a while to get there, we have been optimizing The Write Live from the beginning to generate affiliate revenue once our revenue has soared. This website for authors was started in mid-2013. We reached a landmark in December 2014 and earned far more than ever before with affiliate sales, totaling nearly $5,000 this months.

Almost $5,000 in affiliate sales are fantastic, and I see this as a turning point to earn a decent revenue from the site. But before we think about how we have achieved that, I want to put that revenue in the right light for you.

I have a blog management staff and I have six members every months, plus tens of authors working on our blog and a technical supporter as well. This $5,000 goes into the company's revenues, not right into my pockets. We' re spending a reasonable amount of cash on The Write Life.

Only a small part of the daily website work is done by me, mainly developing contents and working with free-lance authors. And we also charge for the casual occasional epic blogs posting, plus digitial utilities like MailChimp ($150/month), webcasting ( $150/month), etc. We' re spending about $3,000 a months now to launch The Write Life.

We' ve made so much with affiliate sales, especially because our reader's have bought so much from Amazon over the holiday season (read more below). We' re not likely to make that much in the next few weeks. However, we will see a continued upwards movement in our affiliate sales revenues, so it's a good idea to write about it.

So, how did we make $5,000 in December with our affilates? Transport. It is the largest contributor to affiliate revenue: you need to generate site traffic. And not just a little visitor, but ten thousand per year. Especially if you're trying to make cash with the Amazon Affiliate Programs, where you only make a small percent of what the shopper is spending, so you need a whole bunch of shoppers to make that income into something substantial... But more in a second.

It' s appropriate that our affiliate earnings reached their peak in December as The Write Life reached 100,000 one-of-a-kind visits for the first consecutive year. In order to earn affiliate revenues, you need to be consistently managed. This is true both for posting your contents so that you can draw your audience and get to the top of Google, and for using affiliate hyperlinks.

However, if you want to profit from how your visitor numbers grow, you need to be rigorous by posting these affiliate link each and every times, even if you don't anticipate the uplift. That' s something we at The Write Life are devout about (thanks, @Heathervdh editor!), so if we get unanticipated feedback on a contribution, we deserve it.

Contributions that are likely to generate the most affiliate income are those that prevail in your quest. This is because searching tends to take weeks, even weeks, or years, as opposed to a fast match you might get when a favorite website is linked to your posting or an Influencer is sharing it on Twitter.

In December, our affiliate income from our affiliate business was very much influenced by our strong performance in this area. It was because it prevailed in the quest...and I'll be explaining how it works in a minute that this one made so much money. If you do all these things right and publish consistent high value searching optimised contents, it will still take a while for you to achieve the necessary level of exposure to generate affiliate revenues.

In order to illustrate this well, let us go into the detail of the particular job that was helping us deserve in December. Most of our results come from this position: Twenty-two presents for writers who are much better than a boring old notebook. This article is invaluable and important for our reader - especially during the holiday season.

Indeed, the public festivals are exactly the reason why we did so well with this article. Take a look at how many poeple have been looking for "gifts for writers" this Christmas period (courtesy of Google Adword's Word Planner): Having posted this special contribution in 2013 and had a lot of elbow room to grow, it was the No. 1 Google hit when they looked for "gifts for writers" over the 2014 public holiday year.

That' s right: We have classified ourselves as number one in the "gifts for writers" category. "Says SEMrush to me that we've fallen to 2nd place by now, only surpassed by this Pinterest surfboard named Good gifs for writers. Really? When you wonder why we bother evaluating apparently accidental words like "gifts for writers," it's because these accidental words, also known as longtail catchwords, sum up.

It is also interesting to mention that in December 2014 we released another article about presents for authors, but that one did not have the 2013 mail slip of SMS and did not (yet) work so well. Our readership purchased so many impermeable laptops and nasty carrier cases through this blogs posting that we made $5,000?

They Googleed "gifts for writers" and then clicking on the idea we were sharing in our contribution that took them to Irrespective of whether or not they purchased the article we suggested, they kept buying and stocked up on all kinds of accidental presents, from electronic items to clothes to even a book.

They can see why this revenue is not sustainable...because once the searching rates for "gifts for writers" in January are back to normality, we saw fewer visitors to this posting and fewer hits on Amazon. We' ve already taken a step in restoring this achievement with our last contribution to Valentine's Day presents for authors.

Of course, not every contribution filled with affiliate link has to do with presents, but this was a natural contribution given the saison. When you want to generate affiliate revenues, don't concentrate on Amazon Associates. Whereas in December of this year we made good Amazon cash with the above mentioned strategy, this is only working if you have a lot of visitors, and even then the revenues are not always the same.

One far more profitable way to make money as an affiliate is to refer high value e-commerce sites developed by on-line businesses. It' s simple: up to 50 per cent are offered by binary businessmen - in many affiliate groups even 50 per cent are expect. This means that you make a lot more per sales.

For example, if one of our Write Life reader Chris Guillebeau's $58 Unconventional Guide to Freelance Writing purchases through our links, we make $29. If James Chartrand's Damn Fine Words course is sold for $1,599 through our website, we make $200. A lot of creative people are offering affiliate programmes for their own items; the keys are to find items that will attract your audiences so that you as a reader want to buy them.

Because of this we have seen how affiliate revenues come in through The Write Life even before our website started seeing significant visitor numbers. If you look at the revenues of both Dedicated Enterprises and Amazon Associates, you can see what our affiliate revenues have been since the launch of the site in mid-2013: As with website trafficking, affiliate revenues vary every months, but if you see an upwards tendency over the years, you are probably on the right path.

In January we will probably see a significant decline, but if the upwards tendency persists in the next few month, our revenues will ultimately exceed our operating outlays. Did you try to generate affiliate income from your blogs?

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