Affiliate Publishers List

List of Affiliate Publishers

This is another affiliate program that lists hundreds of companies! We at Norton are proud to distribute books from the following publishers. The IBPA is associated with many regional and specialised independent publishing associations. A list of regional publishers' associations. The Publishing Coalition welcomes peer organizations as strategic partners.

Partner List Report

Displays the state, site, and website of all partners in a specific Reseller Programs. It is also one of the most important reports in many ways, as it allows traders to connect, segmented, and rewards affiliates. A screen of the initial partner list reporting. A picture of the initial filter of the partner list.

Using the old partner list above, there were some filtering in the review, but they were not intuitively. Most of the filtering was found by selecting "Show advanced search" and added to the searching in a further stage. We have integrated the now trusted affiliate filtering with the new affiliate list below, which allows users to enter the affiliate ID, website or day to perform a filtering.

A picture of the new partner list reporting. We' ve also taken the filter from the initial advanced query and put it on the first page, so no additional click is required. We' ve added new filter like Keyword and Apply Date to make searching and tagging an affiliate a little simpler.

It is also much simpler to look for certain key figures. We' ve added the possibility to look for other parameter, like the EPC, and there is now the possibility to choose a user defined date area. A completely new quick find feature has been added that allows you to browse comma-separated listings using index words and affiliate identifiers.

The current list now contains more information, such as the partner's FTP account and the sites the partner has added to the list. Last but not least, one of the last changes to the entire affiliate list is the update of the corporate pages. If you are looking at a group, you will now see a build-like the list of partners.

It should make it quicker to quickly organize by group members. A new, much more simple way to view and upgrade referral fees for a particular affiliate group is also available. Here are just a few of the countless enhancements to the new and enhanced Affiliate List Report.

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