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affiliate program

Generate revenue for your recommendations. You get a devoted affiliate manager, affiliate training opportunities and special rebates on a range of marketing and sales products that can help you expand your online businesses. Among our subsidiaries are businessmen, pedagogues, opinion leaders and authors of contents. When you are authorized, you will gain acces to educational, technical assistance, follow-up, reporting, payment and your own affiliate connection to follow each recommendation. Affiliate Programs offer industry-leading commissions, technical assistance and resource and are free, with no subscription fees and no revenue thresholds.

partner program

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JETZT applies for our Avantlink Partner Programme.

The CPL hypothesis is that only qualified leads (SQL) are paid for, i.e. one individual who duly completed the application forms, was contacted by our distribution staff and showed interest in our offering. CAPA Plans considers that the payments have been made for each client's interest: a live bank transfer has been opened, a requisite margin requirement (see above table) has been met and at least one trade (charged with provision or spread) on each tool has been completed.

The value of the provision varies depending on the group of countries and the category of financial product in which the client is trading. Tool categories are allocated to three levels: Animal 1, Animal 2 and Animal 3 (see point 3 below). Animal 1 is the highest possible value of the provision, while Animal 3 is the minimum possible value of the provision.

After an initial deal with the relevant level instruments, the value of the fee is recognised. Steps: After registering for our programme you can follow your actual results.

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