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We are taking you on a journey to the south of Europe with this month's item. In our "Affiliate Marketing Around the World" section, we present affiliate marketing in Spain, Portugal and Italy. 34411871; The item will mainly concentrate on the Spain based markets as it is the largest in affiliate marketing and on-line buying in these three states.

One can argue that this is due to Spain's broadband access and fast growing markets. In order to give you the best possible idea, we have chosen to get in touch with Kanlli, our Yamondo partner in Spain. You provided us with detailled and insider information, especially about Spain, but also about Portugal.

The population of Spain is about 47 million. Over 31 million people use the web, resulting in a 67% uptake. In Europe, the mean use of the web is 63. 2%, so that Spain is slightly above averages. However, compared to other advanced economies in Europe, this number is quite low.

For example, Germany has an 83% level of broadband access, and even more northerly ones, such as Sweden (92%) and Iceland (97%), exceed it. More than 17% of Europeans use the web for online purchases. At up to 27%, the Scandinavian markets also show a higher growth trend.

This number is very low in Spain, only 8% buy on-line. Travel is the most preferred service for on-line buyers, according to an EAE Business School of Barcelona survey. Orcale has found in its research that happiness with on-line buying is higher in the Nordic states than in the South, such as Spain.

The Oracle Corporation, European Consumer Opinions on E-Commerce: The following graph shows an interesting fact: Spanish citizens are most happy with the on-line offer of the tourist sector. Compared to other European nations, Spaniards are also less happy with clothing sector performances than other Europeans.

Maybe the reasons why the following graph shows that Spaniards favour travelling and hiking are that the services are of a higher standard than in other sectors. Increased customer loyalty to the leisure and tourist industry could be a good incentive for customers to come back to the store. Oral Corporation, European consumer opinions of e-commerce: (Graph 5 Resource:

The Oracle Corporation, European Consumer Opinions on E-Commerce: Oracle also found that in Spain, on-line shoppers value comparisons. A further point that is regarded as very important is web browsing speeds. It can therefore be reasoned that if the connectivity is poor, the consumer tends to associate it directly with their on-line buying experiences.

Kanlli says that the most interesting thing from an affiliate's point of perspective is the fee offered by an affiliate programme. It is also of extraordinary importance for on-line shooters in general. Therefore, consumers are more interested in businesses with a seal of approval (e.g. "Trusted Shop" certification). Furthermore, it is more likely that consumers will use PayPal and debit card for on-line payments.

You should review your proposed methods of payments, as they seem to have a great impact on your clients and how they experience a store. Mobility - Is it also important for the South? Kanlli says that "mobile" is currently not so important in Spain, Portugal and Italy. Shoppers who buy and use portable equipment are most likely to buy via tables, but still favour their computer when it comes to retailing them.

The most important affiliate network in Spain are: If you are interested in launching an affiliate programme in Spain, these considerations should be considered. About 10 in Portugal. A population of 6 million and an intrusion rate of 55.2%, below the EU averages. Portugal still has a lot of information on the web, especially as a resource.

As in Spain only 8% order on-line. One of the most beloved items purchased on-line is electronics. Since the share of affiliate marketing in on-line buying is quite small, as can be seen in the graphs one and six, one can argue that affiliate marketing is therefore not as well anchored in Portugal as in other parts of Europe.

Kanlli predicts that e-commerce in Portugal will grow only gradually in the coming years. Moreover, marketers need to enhance their on-line shops and the overall services they provide. So far the most important affiliate marketing nets are cyanox, nitaffiliation and tradableoubler. Add to this a smaller but highly experienced global community with a wealth of knowledge of the unique features of the markets of the South.

A population of 9 million, which is even more than the number of Spanish and Portuguese citizens combined. In spite of this, only 35 million Italians use the web, resulting in 58% web traffic - also below the EU averages. It is also important to note that about 38% of all Italians aged 16 to 74 have never used the web before.

Again, the number of consumers making purchases on-line is only 7%. Perhaps this is because there are still many people on the web who do not use high-speed access. Just think how horrible an interweaving event would be if the link were too sluggish. Therefore, on-line buying is generally not carried out.

Due to these problems, affiliate merchandising has not been well accepted in Italy until today. Nevertheless, expenditure on e-commerce has been increasing steadily since 2008, according to a ZenithOptimedia survey. Looking at the most powerful affiliate programs from it''s partner company itanox, the Italians are particularly interested in mail-order business such as "La Redoute" and "Zalando" and often sign contract agreements on-line.

Sadly, this section is quite brief as it was quite difficult to find high level information about affiliate branding in Italy as there are few items and dates. In conclusion to this brief overview of affiliate merchandising in Italy, it can be said that there is still great untapped opportunity for the online industry in relation to affiliate online appeal.

In summary, it can be said that broadband Internet penetration in these three Member States is low in comparison with other EU Member States. Spain is the only country slightly above the EU median. However, not only the level of penetration is low, but also the number of persons who use the web for purchasing is. There are many different causes for this, such as the poor economic position of these economies, low speed interconnections and missing technology.

In addition, some of them believe that the web is pointless, others are not happy with the quality of the provided products. There is a very high level of economic upside in these markets and forecasts for the coming years are encouraging. Also in these coutries, technologies will be improved and opinion on the web may also change as businesses show customers the benefits of buying on-line and better customer care.

Please do not hesistate to get in touch with us for more information about any of these jurisdictions, or if you are interested in launching an affiliate programme.

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