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Check out our rankings of the best affiliate marketing companies in Canada. Participate in the TurboTax affiliate program. It is similar with affiliate marketing in Canada. Subscribe to our Columbia Affiliate Program and receive referral commissions, exclusive offers, free shipping and more. Do not hesitate to contact our Affiliate Manager if you have any questions.

Marketing Affiliate Program

You can also find out more about these plans in the CJ Affiliate Dashboard when you join the official programme. An affiliate marketer is an on-line ad serving medium where sellers (online retailers who resell a product or service) sellers (independent contractors who advertise an advertiser's product or service on their website) charge only for results, such as a visit that makes a sale or fills out a request for information, rather than just for reaching a specific public.

In the case of affiliate merchandising, the distinction is that marketers only charge their publisher when the launch of a new customer leads to a sales or leads, making it a low-risk and profitable business proposition for both of them. Throughout our relation you will get some different ways of communication:

The first message you get will come from a member of our affiliate, who will welcome you to our programme when your resume is approved. A few days after your participation in the programme, you will be sent an extra personalised e-mail from one of our members at Our email marketing effort includes newsletters about our two and three-day revenues, promotional notices ( "notices of changes in programme conditions" or other high-priority messages), vacation packages and promotional activities.

To make sure the programme is growing and our publisher is succeeding, we can get in touch with you via to establish the relationships, optimise our rankings or take part in a poll or competition. Our publisher's value and we want it to be a winning win. Each Thursday - before the new listings arrive on the site - this newsletters is published and our publisher counts on it to be the main resource for listings and dealings for the weeks.

The CJ pays an affiliate on or around the twentieth of each calendar months. An affiliate receives a payout when they have enough close commission to reach their deposit-limit. The CJ provides timely coverage where publishing houses can see their sales/orders. By accepting the programme word in CJ, you also agree to our searching policies.

Be sure to read it thoroughly before you accept the conditions of the programme to make sure you adhere to them.

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