Affiliate Program work

Partner Program Work

Briefly, Amazon Affiliate means that you advertise certain products listed on Amazon on "your own" website. Earning money as an affiliate is easy. We' ll do the work, you' ll earn the money. You can delete it and your link will still work. Being an affiliate you are like a virtual brand ambassador for FRHI Hotels & Resorts.

Activate affiliate

Please click here for more detailed reporting and information about the partner program. To use the functions of the affiliate program, you must first activate the affiliate program in your shop. Using the top ribbon to browse for "Affiliate Program" Check the "Enable Affiliate Program" box and click the "Settings" tab.

Select whether or not to automatically approve an affiliate by checking the Automatic Approval box. All buyers recommended by the affiliate have added a listing hook in their browsers that allows your shop to keep tabs on and charge for orders placed by the affiliate. It is possible to adjust the trace cooking to last between 30 and 360 workdays.

Once the cookies have expired, the orders of the mediated customers will no longer be tracked for the partner, unless they are forwarded to your shop again by the partner. Now your website visitor can register for your affiliate program and get their affiliate code, which will be placed on their website to redirect the visitor to your shop.

In order to see or modify your partners, go again to Modules in the links pane and: To see your latest list of affiliated companies, click on the "Affiliate List" button. You can also reach this page by going to Customers > Affiliates in the links pane, where you can see your latest withdrawal reports.

In the upper right corner of this page, you will see a pushbutton called "Show Affiliates" that will take you to the Affiliate Customer Record page. Below is a listing of your site visitors who have signed up for your store's affiliate program. From the top of the page, you can browse for specific user (s) or otherwise click the Extended tab to browse by user (s) by customer group or whether their membership is activated or not.

To open the user's client records, click the user's name. It is also possible to look all the way to the right and click the "Action ->Edit" icon to see the data set. Click the Affiliate tabs at the top of the page while browsing the client records. On this page you can enable the user's affiliate accounts, modify their percentages of affiliate fees and check orders placed under the affiliate's track code.

If affiliate recommendations are generating leads, you can give your recommendation a royalty as defined in the affiliate shop preferences. Please click on the "Payout Report" button to see the payout history. It is also possible to click on the name of an actual client to go directly to the "Affiliate" page in that client's information profiles.

Merchants also have the opportunity to see the orders placed by affiliates as soon as they arrive. Please note: If you click on the affiliate customer's name in the open affiliate orders, you will be redirected directly to the Affiliate page in their client profiles.

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