Affiliate Program Template

Template for the Partner Program

Web Template Affiliate Program Earn money by selling the world's largest web site templates subscription site. Affiliate Marketing Proposal template is perfect for your agency. Sample templates describe various tactics that help you develop partner programs. The program allows you to earn money by promoting our products and services. Earn money by referring buyers to our e-learning templates page.

partner program

Affiliate program provides 10% commission on every JoomSpirit sales. The HikaShop Business partner program is used. It takes less than 5 mins to add your first affiliate to your website.

Stage 4: On your website, include a recommendation hyperlink to our website, along with your affiliate ID (some samples can be found in your affiliate section). Affiliate Program recognizes each click created by your affiliate ID and stores a unique cookies on the visitor's computer.

Visitors who make a sale within 30 working days of the first click will receive 10% of the turnover!

Currently I only use PayPal to buy from our partners. Your order has been paid 30 workingdays after placing the order. At Mike's computer, my affiliate program has added a Cookie to store John's affiliate ID for 30s. Mikey chooses to buy 2 originals for 38 ?.

With your acceptance of my affiliate program you confirm that you have reviewed, understand and accepted the General Business Principles. Do not use our affiliate program on a website that promotes sexual assertiveness, abuse, violence, any form of discriminatory treatment, or unlawful activity.

Advertising in a manner that disguises or falsely represents your identity, your domainname or your reverse email addresses is prohibited.

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