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You will earn commissions on all qualified revenue generated by links to our stores. Would you like to sign up as an affiliate? Ready Store Affiliate Program gives you the opportunity to offer high quality emergency and food stocks while earning top commissions. Affiliate Program is a way for your team to earn money by instructing people to shop in your individual Teamshop. May I participate as an Asset Store Publisher?

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Looking for a way to monetise the loyal ties and readers of the authors who are visiting your website or your blogs every single working day? Yes, we can. Better yet, there is no charge for you to become a partner through this program, and it is simple to begin with. Programme details:

That' up to 5% more than competing referral/affiliate programmes! The click-thru for your "referrals" is followed by the Link Connector web from your website through the sale and this high performance web calculates your deserved affiliate payment. Your payment will be made every month. More information about the programme (including replies to some frequently asked questions).

Your on-line registration provides you with special programme requirements. Please refer to our Affiliate Manager for more information. Hopefully you will soon become an Affiliate Partner!

New, non-improved Microsoft Store affiliate program

Microsoft Store's affiliate program was a blessing for shop designers. We' re using it to boost our revenue from the cross-promotion campaign we run in our free applications, and we' ve worked hard to get other people to do the same in the past. In late June, the affiliate program of Microsoft Tradedoubler abandoned and switched to another advertising program, Impact.

The majority of the people who used Tradedoubler that we spoke to were not at all aware of the change. All Tradedoubler hyperlinks they used to advertise their applications began referring visitors to the Microsoft Store homepage on July 1 (without provision to launch). When you have used Tradedoubler and this is the first time you have heard about it, here is what your link has done to your users:

We' ve been documenting our own experiences with the migrations below, but first of all you can learn here how to convert your connected shop-groups. Stage 1: Register for Impact. You should do this as soon as possible because even if you were a certified partner on Tradedoubler, you still have to go through Impact's approvals procedure, so it may take a while before you can move on to the next one.

They must place an order in Impact for each geographic area in which they wish to earn commission. It may be necessary to call the Microsoft partner support staff to be included in these orders. Stage 3: Rebuild your hyperlinks. At the time of this letter, the old Microsoft Affiliate Left Builders don't really make hyperlinks for Impact.

You will find a linking request page on the start page of the impact Dashboard, which you must use instead. When using sub-IDs (CIDs), enter subId1=[your CID value] as the first Query-String value in your affiliate hyperlink. Stage 4: Substitute your hyperlinks. Now pull out all your Tradedoubler hyperlinks wherever you have them and insert your own effect hyperlinks.

Embedding linked cross-promotion hyperlinks in your applications (as in a "More Apps" section) means you're sharing your applications again. Think about using a re-director that you steer before your new impact link so you can modify its target without having to re-release your applications. Although User Camp seems to be one of the program's major development partners, we only got 8 working day grace for the transition.

After passing the Impact authorization, Microsoft Affiliate Services helped speed up the process?-?which website review by Microsoft Affiliate Services Manager ?there-?there was very busy. Because we use advertising network backups to create our own in-house resource of truths, and unlike Tradedoubler, Impact does not provide worldwide backbacks. Instead, the Microsoft Store Partner Program has individual "campaigns" for each of its territories, each of which requires its own post-back configurations.

Had it not been for the friendly support of affiliate manager, we would be compelled to set up and manage about 60 mailback definition files by hand. Conversion caused a strange cash flow problem, too - Tradedoubler too?-?Tradedoubler did pay out our whole account which was great, but we won't see a cent of Impact for more than 3 month as the program has a payment lag of over 90 days.

We are working with the Microsoft affiliate teams to determine the cause, but previously we had to downgrade the store affiliate program in our admix. It' s still better than nothing - and it's not like we could change to another Microsoft Store affiliate program! -but we are cutting back our affiliate store trafficking promotions until this is cleared up.

What caused Microsoft's change from Tradedoubler is not known. One could be speculating that it has to do with Microsoft's impending higher sales allocation with developer, and perhaps the new affiliate platforms will give them a better offer so they can pay a lower store charge. About the same year that Microsoft began migrating to Impact, Apple said they would cancel their developer partner program outright.

Apparently, as app store affilates are announced on all plattforms. In spite of this problem, we are anxious to gain added value from the shop's partner program. Hopefully the store's affiliate program can restore its old efficiency with other development partners' feedbacks. The User Camp is the place for Microsoft Store development.

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