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Optimize your affiliate marketing activities by simply creating and managing an internal affiliate program. Launching an affiliate program can generate more revenue and increase your audience. The use of affiliate software ensures that you do not overlook important parts of the process.

Simple affiliate marketing & instant affiliate network

Best Affiliate Software Was Just Even Better! Simple installation and immediate affiliate networking support. 15-minute real-time review of everything you need to know to start an affiliate program: Register today so we can instantly start setting you up with your own affiliate website - so you can get new members on board.

From your website and your online community, you can create links to our new affiliate registration page. We present your partner program in our partner program list (if you like) to give you a first overview of our partners and fluencers. Each new affiliate gets the tool to instantly split his links to your website!

Imagine an affiliate or influencer looking for a product like yours to advertise. Have your affiliate program added to our list. We will inform you in a newsletters to our partners and influencer. You will be able to participate in your program and advertise for you immediately! Every new affiliate of yours gets their own affiliate dashboard.

Associates get links to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter Share. You can also get a downloadable private signage application that brings your affiliate dashboard directly to your phone! One-Click" plug-ins with the world' largest e-commerce and accounting platform such as Shopify, BigCommerce, Stripe, WooCommerce, Squarespace, Recurly, Chargify & more. As your partners today probably use at least half of their "computing time" on their cell phone, it is important to get your dashboard on their cellphone.

That' exactly what our white-label affiliate Dashboard application lets you do. You are downloading the Affiliate dashboard application from the iOS Store or your GameStore. If you enter your e-mail adress, we will recognise you and put your desktop on your mobile then. Now your partners can listen to their telephones to split your links - a great way to promote splitting and make them commission all the time!

Receive an uninterrupted stream of traffic on your affiliates' online sites thanks to our short-cuts. You have the opportunity to "preload" your contents for them so that they can simply split their affiliate link on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Co. Publish your partner link with one click (or one click). Rabattcodes can also be split (and credits to certain partners).

You' ll be dominating Facebook and Instagram this year! Advertisement Pay-per-Click (PPC) - like Google Adwords and Facebook - is getting more and more costly. On the other side, our affiliate program is always profitable...because we give our partners a fee on the basis of the sale they make to us. affiliate and affiliate markets are also more scaleable than pay-per-click (PPC) markets.

Whilst there is a set number of pertinent catchwords on which we (and you) can offer and make cash, there is essentially an infinite amount of products that you can offer with affiliate affiliates. Like you probably already know, most affiliate tracking software is quite complicated to get a set-up for! Much of our e-commerce integration is one-click.

Just do it once and you're willing to introduce your partners to your website with your own hyperlinks and promotional material! Often new potential members ask me how simple it is for their affiliate to split their affiliate page. "This is how it works... When your partners register with you, they will send you an automatic e-mail greeting them in your affiliate program.

The e-mail contains the unambiguous recommendation reference. There will also be a "one-click" sign-in hyperlink to your affiliate dashboard. Affiliate Dashboard allows your affiliate to easily split their links via e-mail and online community with a click of a mouse. If they click on the Facebook icon, for example, they will instantly be redirected to Facebook with a new entry already pre-populated and their affiliate links already embed!

An affiliate can often and early in the process exchange links with his or her friend or colleague. Affiliate Dashboard is also the place where they can purchase promotional material such as advertising for their website or blogs. They have already embeded their affiliate links. So your partner can copy the HTML and insert it into his website - or he can have his web developers do it for him.

One of the best trackers on the block, providing a full range of functions, our software trackers allow you to track and monitor the results of your campaign. The one-click splitting function enables the affiliate to split their product on different types of online platform and to incorporate the plug-in into multiple e-commerce shops.

Whilst I always used Google's converting tracking pixels, I always found it incomplete. The only thing you need to do is make a new follow up URL for your campaigns - as you use this URL as a target URL in Adwords. Don't just give Facebook the shortcut to your homepage - give them this shortcut instead.

It' s about the same as using an affiliate referral to keep up with the efficiency of a particular advertising campaig. I' ve been doing a lot of on-line advertising for the last ten years, and I can tell you this is enormous.

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