Affiliate Program Service Providers

Partner Program Service Provider

I had the Commission Junction Service up and running in less than two hours. In addition, you will get 1 for each service agent you register as a free member. As soon as you are approved for our affiliate program, you will get immediate acces to our promotional materials.

Pay immediately or once a month through our affiliate dating service if you work directly with us. There are 3 ways to participate in our affiliate program. You can either work with one of our affiliate networking affiliates (belboon or adcell) or you can work directly with us. As soon as you are an affiliate, you will have full control over your banner and text ad.

With our affiliate network you get immediate transparency about the converted files you generate. When you work directly with us, you will get a quarterly account. Is my website qualified for the program? Our goal is to work with sites that provide high-quality originals to an audiences that fit our group of users.

When and how do I get payed? Depending on which affiliate choice you select. When you work with one of our affiliate partner (belboon and adcell), you will get the cash as soon as you create aversion. When you work directly with us, you will get a quarterly reporting on the number of your project generation.

On this basis we will make our payment each month.

partner program

Control the flow of your visitors, we give you a large fee for the purchase of your clients. What does the program do? As soon as you are enrolled in the program, we will send you an e-mail with a clear promotional key, shortcuts to our service pages, and a hyperlink to your affiliate portal. Affiliate portal contains real-time login information (first/last name, balance, date of login).

You' ll receive a one-time $30 fee for each new client who signs up with your partner codes. $10 per client is earning a $10 per client premium if the sign-up retention percentage for the given months is 75% or more. Affiliate accounts, link creation and site creation are provided. Fees will be paid on or before the fifteenth working of the previous months registrations.

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