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In this article you will get a complete overview of the affiliate marketing landscape in India. Whilst participation in an affiliate program is free, promoting a product requires a lot of effort and resources. Generally, someone from India cannot join the eBay partner network US. DigiMarCon has teamed up with Eventbrite to offer a simple affiliate registration process that takes just minutes. We present our own affiliate program.

9 Best Indian Affiliate Programs to join today.

affiliate and affiliate programmes. Affiliate and affiliate programmes are available all over the world. Such as ClickBank, Commission Junction and Impact Radius are the kind of network that come to your minds when you think of affiliate branding. What if your blogs are for the India public and most of your users come from India?

They cannot advertise internationally produced goods to the India public. They need to find out affiliate related product and affiliate related programmes that are aimed at the Indian audiences. Myntra, for example, may be ready for purchase from Myntra than from Macy, as Myntra has better become firmly entrenched in the heads of India's consumer.

When you sell real goods, you know that not all e-commerce websites deliver to India. It is possible that a purchased item from Amazon UK will not be delivered to India. What is the use of leading an India based consumer to such a device? India affiliate networks: Working with affiliate India is advantageous because they have more India based affiliates in their affiliate group.

In this way you have a deep, concentrated stock to reach your audiences. Affiliate networking is not the same. What's more, affiliate networking isn't just sincere when it comes to making payments. During my 10 years of affiliate marketing I have experienced many affiliate programmes both globally and in India.

We cannot overlook the fact that there are many different types of product that appeal to an India public. But I start to concentrate on the India public and India programmes because the rivalry is low at the moment. It is a good moment to seize the occasion because a few years after the line there will be too many folks trying to affiliate it.

ResesellerClub is one of the best in India for the hosting of resellers. ResellerClub Partner Program is the simplest way to make big money by sponsoring one of the world' s biggest reseller-oriented registration agencies. ResellerClub partners can follow each and every sales transaction with ease. As soon as you log in, the affiliate panels will give you clear information about sales, bonuses and more at a single look.

Amazonia India is the leading provider in India's e-commerce industry. Featuring high provisioning, high website convert ratios and mean order value, Amazon is every affiliate marketer's fantasy. Allows you to enroll in this affiliate program with your existing Amazon affiliate program membership. As soon as you register as an affiliate, you have introduced a number of utilities to speed up your affiliate marketer research and linking.

The SiteStripe icon bar allows you to set an affiliate hyperlink to any page on Even twitter or Facebook will share the affiliate share with you. Earn image based referrals and add the embedded coding to the posting to improve click-throughs. Best of all, Amazon's affiliate program also gives you an extra fee for other items that the visitor purchases after they click your affiliate URL.

So for example you advertise an iPhone 6S housing and your blogs readers click on it, navigate and buy a fridge, you still earn a fee because you have sent the conversion of your Amazon site to Amazon. From 0.3% up to 12% you can make a provision according to the type of products you buy.

Here you can see the provision rate by categories. One of the first eCommerce providers in India. You have an established franchise and confidence in the minds of India's consumers. There is a variety of product and high rate of product exchange. Like Amazon, Flipkart has different levels of fees for different items.

Fees may differ depending on whether the visitor who entered the site or purchased the item through a portable application. Incentive and Commission records are different for a new customer you use. Here you can view the percentages by products and devices. They can even make a provision for each installation of apps.

The Flipkart offers a number of simple ways to make the lives of an affiliate marketing company easier. There is a ready-made list of products link, banner and widget that you can integrate into your website. And you can even add a Flipkart productsearch to your blogs. Comission is one of the first network of CPAs in India.

Approximately 17500 subsidiaries have registered with Comission. Comission offers several different types of advertising. When you are a voucher website, you can use this affiliate networking site to submit your voucher CSV. Using the Depth Links Generator, you can establish a connection to any of the products in your stock. Here you can register as an affiliate with Comission.

Bigrock is one of the top domains and hosted sellers in India. You have an affiliate program with high payout commissions. One of the great advantages of this partner program is the depth of Bigrock's product range, which complements each other. You can, for example, sell one of these Bigrock Rock related goods and service - Website Site Hosting, Website Registering, Website Hosted Service, E-mail Hosted Service, DIY Website Building Tool and Digital Certificates.

Readers who have purchased a Domain through your affiliate links may also want to buy web and e-mail hosted. When you have a blogs about blogs or web technology and advertising, then Bigrock's registration is a good way to make affiliate fees. Here you can register for Big Rock Affiliate.

Lordaddy, the world's premier registration company for domains, has an Indian affiliate program. Affiliate partners can register for Gottaddy through an affiliate networking site such as Zanox or Commission Junction. Featuring up to 100% commission and a selection of schemes and items, Goaddy is the affiliate program you can subscribe to. GOODADDY has a full set of utilities that a site administrator needs to start and expand their businesses on-line.

GOODADDY has high fees on domain names, web sites, e-mail account and domain plan. Godaddy's best feature is its round-the-clock client service. Best of all, Godaddy has over 100 pre-built high click-through buses that can be placed on your website with a single copy-paste key.

The Hostgator has its own offices and server to serve the India population. The Hostgator India has an affiliate program with a 1250 per sales fee. And all you have to do is register as an affiliate and use the high conversion banner in your blogs. Register here as a Hostgator Affiliate.

When you have a trip log or experience log, you should register for the TripAdvisor affiliate program. This program has its advantages. Fees are up to 50% high, with incentives designed to help you earn additional money. Increased conversations as you get a 5,00,000 page deal for your cities and hotels.

You' ll receive a range of posters and wide ads that you can place on your website to earn commissions and more. In order to be part of the program, you must register with TripAdvisor on Comission Junction. The Optimise is a worldwide affiliate network with a powerful footprint in India.

Only a few of the much-loved India marketers are PayTM, CitiBank, Jabong, Yatra, Redbus, Vivo and Airtel. So if you are looking to partner with an affiliate and choose the right products to help you feel better but still want to monetise your contents, cuelinks is the best choice. You can monetise your contents with affiliate hyperlinks by installation of Cuelinks Javascript source install.

With Cuelinks, you choose the iPhone 6S case as your automatic keyboard shortcut and your affiliate URL is linked to the Amazon page. If someone purchases through this hyperlink, you will receive a fee. Currently, Cuelinks has more than 400 marketers with tens of thousands offerings and items. Register here for Cuelinks. And now that you have a listing of the most reliable and beloved affiliate network, it's your turn to analyse which of them you can begin your relationship with.

Spend your free online review period going through each of their sites to see if your advertiser's stock contains items that your reader may want to buy. As soon as you log in, search your web pages for Widgets, Banner and Link and place them in your own post context. With what affiliate network in India have you been successful?

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