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As soon as your partnership is officially activated, the revenue you earn as an affiliate will be paid out according to the affiliate payment FAQ. At this point, no money is transferred to a partner. Affiliates receive the money when you make the actual payout. Withdrawal can be made once a month (or at any other time that is convenient for you). Had just received an email from Twitch with some pretty good news for affiliates.

FAQ about partner payment

On this page you will find information about Affiliate Revenues and Payments. On this page you will find information about Affiliate Revenues and Payments. Here we have replied to some common queries about affiliate withdrawals. Q. How much elapsed timeframe can I use to obtain sales information? Q. What is the minimal amount of income needed to obtain the payout?

A. An Affiliate is entitled to a payout as soon as their accumulated income credit has reached $100. Q. What is the payout time? How soon will I get my withdrawals? Our default payout deadline is 45 net. Payments are made 45 workdays after the end of the respective year. As an example, revenues generated in June exceeding the $100 thresholds are disbursed on or before August 15.

Q. What can I do to modify my withdrawal methods? Â A. You can modify your withdrawal methods by going to the settings in your dashboard. Q. What should I do if I do not get a payout? For how long are disbursements made? If you are not willing to accept a payout, we will keep it for you.

As soon as you are willing for us to approve your withdrawal, you can access this section again and modify your withdrawal methods. You will be paid out with your prefered payout option at the next available payout cycle. Please note that the payout option is not available. The ABA number is used for credit transfers and automated settlement (ACH) e-numbers, such as e-payments, cash deposits, cash withdrawals of consumers' invoices, e-checks, taxes and more.

Please note: Your personal account number is not always the same as the routing number on your cashier's cheques, so please consult your local branch for the appropriate personal account number. Q. What payment method is sponsored? Here are the payment methodologies we endorse. We recommend that you consider all available choices before making your decision, as handling times and charges may differ.

Below we have listed preferred (i.e. usually lower costs for you) methodologies. An ACH ( preferably ) transfers your withdrawal directly to your giro within 1-4 working day and is one of the quickest ways. Use of the method eCheck (preferably) is a new, practical way for non-US subsidiaries. You can use this payment conversion to convert the payout into your home country code for a $US charge.

The payout period is 1-2 business day. Usually this approach lasts the longest to achieve you. Money can be transferred and you usually pay an surcharge from your depository. There is often an added charge in the case of overseas wire transfer when the payout needs to be translated into your country's foreign exchange.

Waiting period for receipt of a transfer payment will depend on the partner banks. Q. Are there any charges associated with any of the withdrawal options? Please refer to the FAQ section of the Affiliate Onboarding Guide for Affiliate Withdrawal Charges. Â A. Two-factor authentification keeps your balance safe and makes sure your withdrawals go to you.

Q. I' m an affiliate who has just been approved as an affiliate, when do I get payed? Proceeds A. All income still earning affiliate level will be disbursed according to the Affiliate Disbursement Standards. As soon as your affiliate is formally active, the earnings you as an affiliate make will be disbursed according to the affiliate payment FAQ.

Q. I get an errormessage when I type my telephone number into the payout area. Q. Can I type my withdrawal information in Japan, Korea or China char?

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