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At least three parties are involved in a transaction for an affiliate program. An Affiliate Program? Unity partners can link to any Asset Store product on their website, blog or social media page and earn commissions for referring sales to Asset Store. Affiliate Program tracks cookies and users of our CM plugins for WordPress and rewards users for all purchases made through their referrals. To earn some money with our affiliate program, you need to apply for an affiliate account by providing us with some information using the form below.

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Get 50% on your first payout and 30% on all self-service plan lifetimes. In addition, you will receive a substantial fee on business plan. Maximise your value by working with the leading post-click optimisation companies. With our 120-day cookies and our re-targeting campaign, you get the credits you earn.

Benefit more with our high converting rates, our powerful win per click and our high value added service.

Begin making more today.

Effortlessly monetise your contents through traceable hyperlinks available through our Share-a-Sale affiliate networking partners. You' ll now be rewarded for every user who visits your affiliate site and starts a free evaluation within 120 days. What can I do to participate in your programme? Affiliate programs pay you for qualifying lead and sale.

Though we would like you to be an ever present business associate, you can stop at any time. How long before I get payed? Are there any minima I must make before I am cashed out? Should you wish to raise this limit, you can do so by going to the Edit your My Share page within Share-a-Sale.


First, affilates are a very important part of our growing business as well. There are many affiliate success stories that generate tens of millions of recurring earnings each and every months from our affiliate programs as we continue to work to give our members the opportunity to make money. This means that if you submit an affiliate $99 per months you' ll be earning $30.

Monthly. Participation in our affiliate programme is easy. Here is the procedure just to make everything clear: Use the above links to log in. We will automatically create a username and send it to you by e-mail. Verify your e-mail on the affiliate linkashboard and your login name. Partners with us for a live online seminar that you add to your listing and we will provide one free session of e-mail campaign training.

Our affiliate programs are quite easy, but we need some affiliate programs to avoid misuse. Payments are currently made on the 2. of each respective monthly. Sponsor commission is authorized on the first of each calendar year. We have a 30 day default period before approval of any outstanding commission ( to allow for any rebates as we have a 30 day rebate Policy with no issues).

Dependent on when a provision is made in a given monthly period, it may be outstanding for up to 60 workdays. If, for example, you earn a fee on August 5, it will be cleared along with all August fees on October 1 (resulting in a default of 55 days) and disbursed on October 2.

When you earn a fee on 30 August, it would also be authorised on 1 October (leading to a 30-days delay) and payed on 2 October. Sometimes we can give a affiliate a bonus, even if the client has not accidentally signed in via their affiliate account username. Your primary attention will be on the support of our partner program and the direct approach.

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