Affiliate Package

affiliate package

Packages that provide you with everything you need to start your own partner. Customize your own partner package: The Magento Affiliate Pro package offers the best of the marketing enhancements we have to offer. If you order this package, you will not only. The purchase of this partner package means that you accept these conditions.

Equipment packages for partners - CrossFit Trainings

Dozen Affiliate Package - CrossFit Ausr├╝stung

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Package for 5 persons

Included in delivery: *Quantity discount already requested - this package does not qualifies for extra discount.

5 persons Wright partner package

Scope of delivery Wright CF rods V.2 20kg - Black zinc shaft, shiny zinc sleeves - 28,5MM rod with double knurl - lifetime guaranteed! Our gratitude goes to the men and woman of our army, as well as to our officials such as policemen, fire fighters and medical staff, for their dedication with a 5% continuous rebate on our Wright product.

This rebate applies to members of the armed forces of the United States, both current and former. It is good for most of our Wright product (see disclaimers at bottom of page).

*Rowing boats, storm bicycles, evacuation articles and forwarding expenses are excluded.

There is no special rebate for our partners. Yes, we grant a 5% daily rebate to members of the armed forces (active, handicapped and retired) and civil servants (firefighters, policemen and paramedics).

Simply fill out our online registration and you will get a monthly rebate number. Are you offering free delivery? Occasionally we provide free shipment as a promotional campaign. The free shipment is only valid for the 48 bordering countries. Are you offering finance for devices?

Individually, we do not provide self-financing, but work together with several different enterprises.

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