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Become a member of the best affiliate network for software and digital products. Affiliate tracking software for affiliates - Affiliate tracking software for affiliates The latest version of our Affiliate version of devAffiliate is loaded with the latest technology, so it fully responds to any equipment in use. Our affiliate software has been the industry-leading software in its category since 1999. Known for its usability, devAffiliate offers hundreds of functions for all user tiers.

Operate your own affiliate from your own hosted affiliate for only $199.99 $. Hosts your affiliate on our server for only $39/month! So why choose it? Backed by years of trusted resilience, hundreds of user-friendly functions and US tech supports, it's no wonder every affiliate has been the leader in its category for so many years.

In the latest version we have gone one better by introducing the addition of the absent one. Associate workout. You can now give your partners lessons of videotraining with a one-month membership now! We have been the number one affiliate tracker for over 15 years! Offering the most feature-rich and easy-to-use affiliate software in its category, our products are the best in the business. and they really like us!

We' ve administered our affiliate programme through devAffiliate and I have to say it works great! I' ve been using and loving IDEVA Affiliate for several years. When you are looking for an affiliate service, I definitely suggest using it.

All No1 Software Affiliate Network - Top Conversion of Affiliate Programs

thousands of software as well as software and software titles to select from - from best-in-class conversion software, voice and visual software, enterprise and commercial software to multiple applications for your virtual world. Once you have found the right product for your company, simply ask for a partner with the chosen vendor and begin earning more!

Don't miss our Back To School A+ promotions and fees from top sellers of software and software! Beneficial for all target groups, safety and data rescue software as well as multi-media programs are offered in this marketing offensive with substantial rebates.

With our platforms you have the right tool to concentrate on the strategies and results of your campaign and less on the means to reach your objectives. Most importantly, you have immediate acces to a variety of assets - including annual reporting, 24/7 technical assistance, sophisticated market intelligence software and premium promotions - all geared to ensuring your continued growth.

In addition, registration is quick and simple, and there are no charges or concealed charges. Simply select the right tool and the right range of items for your market segment and begin advertising. Generate affiliate hyperlinks that go directly to the cashier to achieve a higher rate of revenue recognition. Immediate and comprehensive reporting on your activities: customer visits, revenue, conversions, profit per click, rebates.

Have a look at the actions of our sellers or create rebate vouchers from your own provision to win more people! Obtain help from a genuine individual on affiliate topics in real, 24x7 via e-mail and instant messaging. As soon as you have partnered with providers that fit your company, you can begin redeeming!

All our dealers have fixed up to 75% commission and always have specific bonus for their partners - in other words, if you do well, you will be awarded. Their Affiliatekonto contains useful kreative elements to the turnover increase, like banner, Datenfeeds and other Marketinggmaterial. And there are many other tools to help you drive your growth: flying charts with details, monthly newsletter with new offerings, and a committed 24x7 customer service group.

Thanks to the real-time reporting, you always have a clear overview of my activities. You can count on the affiliate customer service staff to help me around the clock.

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