Affiliate Network Programs

Network Affiliate Programs

Several of the programs listed above are part of affiliate networks. Affiliate networks act as intermediaries between publishers (affiliates) and merchant affiliate programs. The only thing they have to do is provide creative people, program descriptions and email templates for approval or rejection. Most of the rest is handled through the affiliate network. Leading CPS network focusing on software and digital products worldwide.

Results commission as high as 75%

We' ve worked with publishers like you for 17 years to market our product to over 200 million consumers around the world. Because we have an ever-growing catalogue of high-quality online content and an unmatched track record for dependability - we earn commission on a timely basis, every single day, so you don't have to fear when you'll get paid to us - our affiliate network is a trusted partner for our online marketing partners.

In our on-line marketing space you will find ten thousand different items to select from, so that you can always find what your customers are looking for. We' ve established our reputations by punctually rewarding our partners, each and every one for 17 years. If you wish, you can select to be billed as often as every working day through various billing methods.

This is some of the greatest chances for publishers, because as long as the client keeps on subscribing, you will earn cash every single day, year after year, long after the initial sales. Decide to advertise items that provide clients with an up-sell option as part of the purchasing experience.

Upsell offers more value to the customer and brings more cash into the bag. Equipped with this information, you can refine your campaigns goal to boost your revenue.

Associate vs. sub-affiliate networks

Associate and sub-affiliate networking helps retailers link with advertisers to conduct their affiliate campaign. Whilst they work on the same principles, affiliate and sub-affiliate networking (a.k.a. CPA) differ in many technological respects. Featured in this paper is what each network does to help you establish a winning affiliate relationship for your franchise.

Associate networking is the intermediary between brand and publisher. You can offer a variety of different service offerings, including report and market development utilities, secured billing solutions, and tech supports for your partners and dealers. Most affiliate networking also communicates with advertisers, so marketers don't have to be concerned about the tech side of link creation, recommendation tracing and pay.

The only thing they have to do is make creative people, programme description and e-mail submissions available for acceptance or rejection. Most of the remaining is handled through the affiliate network. Terms of use are different for each network, but in this system merchant affiliate publisher pays directly. Affiliate networks earn cash in this arena with transactions costs such as capitalization costs, deposit requirements and other costs.

Distributors deserve exactly what the merchants enter. Although there are literally hundred of affiliate network in the USA (and thousand all over the world), we will be sharing our most important ones with you: Sub affiliate and affiliate network (also known as CPA) are separated from affiliate network, but also provide publisher support to help them monetise their sites.

Just register as an affiliate in an affiliate network and the network then recruit editors (sub-affiliates) to do the work for them without signing up as one. On the other hand, these advertisers don't have to bother finding out the technologies behind affiliate networking and get a small fee for every campaign their reader does with a donated affiliate to them.

A sub-affiliate network, in other words, establishes a second level of an affiliate program. They distribute their revenues to their publishing houses and simplify the setup for them. Clickbooth, Skimlinks and VigLink are just some a few typical example of successful networked CPAs.

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