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Pro Affiliate Network

The Affiliate Network software from Affiliate Network Pro allows you to set up your own affiliate network. In any case, you should check the Post Affiliate Network. PRO membership is a one-time purchase that provides customers with very well rounded business training and more intensive marketing training. You have two pro memberships. Silver and Pro-Gold membership.

Pro Affiliate Network

The Affiliate Network Pro affiliate network management program allows you to create your own affiliate network. Your computer is hosting the application on your own computer. Creative software: Use HTML code and HTML code and HTML code to modify the look and feel. Make your own look and feels. AlmostPay system allows fast and simple payment to partners. Tracks your klicks, sales, leads, imprints and repetitive fees in a real-time manner.

5 level affiliate referral fee for up to 5 levels. Adaptable provision structures. Periodic Fee Support: Generate additional income for periodical fee payments to promote an affiliate progam. Paid your affiliate via PayPal, E-Gold, Stormpay or Display the dealer and partner diary for klicks, sells, leads, imprints and partial sells. Graphic reports: Blister diagram, returns tag analytics, instant affiliate views and allocation.

Detailed reporting for all authorized, outstanding, and repetitive fees. Verify more than one click from the same IP. Possibility to reject more than one sale from the same IP address by default. SafePay's system makes sure that merchant can't carry out upgrades or make trades through the system without having to pay.

Simple to install

For installation, just unzip the file and load the file to your website and run the web-based installation wizard. Partner Dashboard: Affiliate panels are fully customizable. Easily create new section and even your own pages with text or link to outside pages, video, etc. Create new possibilities of tracing (lifetime fees, GeoIP tracing, split fees), adding new type of banners, aftersequent sales commissions. and more.

Partners can review their statistics, review your purchases or receive promotion and coaching material. Developed by Quality Unit, this is by far the most sophisticated monitoring methodology on the market. PaProro offers total dependability and ensures that affiliates' recommendations are followed closely. It is a high-performance function that allows an affiliate to build ad campaigns and see which campaigns deliver the best results for the same ad.

The Affiliate will be able to find his most powerful channel precisely and simply. Besides default and text anchors, PAPro Flash Banner and HTML Banner support, as well as advertising email and PDF viruses. What can you do to get webmasters to click on your affiliate hyperlinks? Affiliate linking in a blogs or reviews site can trigger alerts for traffic because they are scared to click on ads for various purposes.

There are many plugins available that remove affiliate link filesutomatically. What can you do to counter customers' anxiety about clicking on your affiliate link? The use of DirectLinks does not mean that the affiliate link is recognised as advertising effective. Long-term referral fees guarantee that your partners earn referral fees for each subsequent referral from a client they previously refer.

It is a scarce offer and a great motivating instrument for every affiliate. To run your own affiliate programme, you must rewards your partners for referrals, sales lead and klicks. It' a great way to find, hire and administer your partners. Every partner is provided with a choice of advertising and advertising materials to support their work.

It will also follow your partner's recommendations, referral fees, payout records and much more. Provides high trackability accuracy, infinite extensibility with plug-ins, and searching links. Developed by Quality Unit, this is by far the most sophisticated monitoring methodology on the market. They will always be able to get an exact instant picture of the achievement of your affiliate programme.

Find your answer, discuss your thoughts, sharing useful hints, ordering new functionality, and even promoting your affiliate programme.

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