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Professionals and hobby physicists who do not qualify for other membership categories. Take advantage of all the exclusive member benefits of CIPD to support your personal and professional development by joining us as an affiliate member. Become an affiliate member of the IIA by filling out this short form. The Affiliate Membership is open to all who have passed our Certificate in Treasury or the Certificate in International Cash Management. In order to qualify for Affiliate Membership, you must do the following, among other things:.

affiliated members

Affiliate member organisations are: They are at the forefront of innovations, develop new technology, conduct research and train the tourist experts of the world. Our members include for example airline operators, tour operators, tour operators, hotel groups, colleges, businessools, labour organisations, IT firms, specialised education organisations and service, research and sustainable development organisations.

As we are represented on five different Continents, our Affiliate Members can stay up to date with our expertise in our country, region and area. This also enables them to enter into partnership with similar organisations in other parts of the globe. Affiliate members have offices in more than 80 different jurisdictions. More than 1 million employees - working for our affiliate members and their affiliates.

Over 100 colleges, research centers and educational institutions are devoted to the research, generation and dissemination of their research.

associate member

*Applications for partner membership must be submitted by the 1. of each calendar year. Fill in ALL parts of the request forms. Do not leave any part of the claim document empty. Send your one-time affiliate membership request for $25. Once accepted, Affiliate Members will be charged for the first year after the Acceptance Period.

Testimonials from other members of the American Society for Surgery of the Hands (including but not limited to supervisors, trainers, people who are acquainted with the applicant's practices or contribution to palm surgeries, and other skilled persons) are not necessary but are intended to reinforce the candidacy. Your documentation can be faxed if it is readable at (847) 384-1435 Attn: Membership Committee.

Sponsor newsletters can be sent by e-mail, facsimile or post (see above) and must meet the following criteria: Each sponsor must be an associate member of the American Society for Surgery of the Hand, selected in 2014 or before. *Upon receiving your resume and any other information received in conjunction with your resume, your resume will become the sole and exclusive property of the American Society for Surgery of the Hand and will not be given back to the resubmission requestor during or at the end of the resubmission procedure.

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