Affiliate Marketing Testimonials

Associate Marketing Testimonials

Here you can find affiliate marketing testimonials from some of our customers from all over the world. Affiliate marketing can be a lot of things. affiliate marketing can be a lot of things. Would you like to read the references of students of the Affiliate Marketing Mastery? Customer testimonials about our affiliate management and marketing work.


It was an effortless start, and the technical staff was highly supportive and responded to our queries as we fine-tuned our set-up and campaign test before launch. It has all the features we were looking for, but the help we had during the set-up really did help us make this work.

Due to the A++ technical assistance and services of the employees and developer we were able to solve all problems very quickly. We have changed from another affiliate program to using our own affiliate program named Pop. Quality Unit's client liaison is by far the best liaison I've ever had. Anyone who wants dependable affiliate management as well as outstanding client services will be recommended here!

Please submit your name, your firm (with your URL) and your certificate with a photograph. I have been a partner in the on-line gambling business for more than 15 years and have worked with virtually a dozen affiliate programmes. This also means that I had to find out about many affiliate development sites to start new campaign.

Fast statistics reporting gets me into and out of the affiliate back end as quickly as possible. And I really appreciate the privacy function that allows affiliate programmes to start new brand launches with software to choose an affiliate or provide different kinds of marketing for bigger ones. Years ago I had to choose between only two available affiliate scripts.

When I reviewed the list of available options, I approached the technical department of both organizations and asked them for options that fit my needs: Receive affiliate links in your email so my affilates can earn commission by releasing a link. Ever since I had many "special needs" for my post affiliate network setup, and Quality Unit was always very open to my queries, but at the same concentrated on turning my feature queries into invaluable functionality for other clients.

We have unsurpassed expertise in working with Quality Unit. We' re proud that our own softwares are highly expandable and expandable, and have found that PAP has the same methodologies, making it very simple to set up and adapt the softwares to do exactly what you want. Quality unit Bravo!

The Quality Unit has one of the most useful and competent web-based quality assurance systems available. During my 4 years of full-time marketing I found only a few companies where I felt that the 100% focus of my on-line marketing efforts was on my product sales. This brief listing of companies is Google Analytics, Microsoft AdCenter and Quality Unit.

The Quality Unit Technical Assistance Unit assisted me for 6 whole day to resolve a code issue directly related to my website. Not only do you get top quality executive search engine control softwares... you also get round-the-clock on-call service that makes the simple task of installing and using this simple piece of softwares so simple. Working with the PAP solution was a pleasure for us, our employees and our partners.

This has given us and our affiliated companies the added trust that we need to process and track our deals closely. I' m from a story where I had to program functions and choices individually, and usually I know just enough coding to be risky, but the PAP was a piece of cake to set up and incorporate.

Plus, now we look further into PAP's knowledgebase when we come up with other things that we want to do, keep tracking, or make available to our partners, and in fact you boys have already thought about it and have it there's no need for customer specific coding to get the work done anymore.

And I appreciate the help your entire squad has given. Thank you for offering such a rugged affiliate industrial choice at a very reasonable cost.... keep up the good work. I' ve been using the Quality Unit product line, mainly "Posts Affiliate Pro" version 3 and 4, and their helpdesk for several years now.

I am a webmaster professionally managing a number of sites, I am used to a broad variety of web sites and I have to say that the Quality Unit has always been much simpler to deploy and update than any other web site I have used. Even more important, their continued commitment is simply great!

Now I can use their help system on-line, their fast email service and although I've never used them before, I can even call them by telephone. There are unbelievable and extensive features in the program. I am particularly amazed and appreciate the level of service that is easily available via our webcast. Martin Pullmann and the other members of the staff deserve particular praise for being quick, alert and tolerant and for assisting you in getting started.

Following in-depth research and testing of some of the best affiliate programming available on the market, I am delighted that we have chosen Quality Unit. It would be a great recommendation to any business that wants to set up a partner programme. As the best affiliate piece of code, the solution is very simple for our end user to use and manage.

There is no rugged softwares that are so simple to set up and use. Free trial versions of our basket and member application had to be supported. Using the API's to do what we needed was very simple, and the assistance we got was very useful.

Exactly this tracking tool does everything; all types of cookie, IP address and supporting the great DirectLinks function which is also great for sending out SEOs. For me as an affiliate programme executive, the most important thing is the degree of your sponsorship and the response times. Never before have I experienced better client service than Quality Unit.

No matter whether I sent them an e-mail or used the online chats, they always react very quickly and do everything that is necessary to resolve a dilemma. As our web servers suddenly went down, the Quality Unit staff members assisted us in transferring the quality unit to another web site in no small amount of work. What I really appreciate is working with Quality Unit because I know that client service is immediate.

It' so adaptable, I can get the precise feeling I like for my partners, and I have so many choices. I was looking for a good and affordable way to manage my affiliate programme for quite a long while. There are so many functions in this software that you may sometimes find yourself losing them, but it gives you great possibilities to grow your on-line busines.

We have been using PHAP for several month and so far I have to say that the system and especially the services of your client is VERY good. Yours has taken my affiliate programme to a whole new level...a little like letting my old cars go to the scrap yard and leaving the building with a new Rolls Royce.

Your sponsorship is outstanding and the extra add-ons and functions provided in your programme have clearly been designed by those who really know what you need to get the most out of your partners. PAP's real-time monitoring, coverage, and hassle-free commissions and payment make it much simpler to track and track your partners in a cost-effective and streamlined manner.

Four years from now, these boys have never let us down and we'd love to refer them to anyone looking for user-friendly and dependable affiliate solutions. Can' say enough good things about this project and this people. An awesome "Getting Started" checklist guides you through all the process, and a "Live Chat" icon is just a click away if you need help on the go.

Assistance is unsurpassed, with fast reaction times and responses that are truly useful. The cooperation with Quality Unit is a great joy, the quality of our livesupport is outstanding and they always try to help and find the best solution for our needs. A smart piece of softwares that help us deliver the best possible services to our business associates and clients.

Thank you for your outstanding work. In the past I have used various affiliate utilities and affiliate networking for my companies, mostly as a publishers. So when we chose to run our own partner programme as a reseller this year, we found out that these utilities were missing some important functionality. The Flapps is an on-line tool for recording your times.

We needed a return fee as a percent of revenue after the free evaluation period. We' re still too early to see the actual long-term impact, but we rely on affiliate marketing as one of the most important marketing tools and as a resource for new clients.

In addition to delivering a high value platform...your client experience is as good, if not better, than any I've ever had. It' about supporting and servicing and these boys have it!...around the clock! It was very impressive to see the capabilities and dedication of Martin Pullman in your technical assistance group.

"The Quality Unit" as a business has a great supporting group! Best customer service I' ve ever called! Within a few moments the necessary software was downloaded and deployed on our webpages. PAP assistance is quickly on your side in case of difficulty. During 2009 we made the decision to set up an affiliate system on our webpage.

To this end, we thoroughly reviewed and benchmarked all available affiliate frameworks for several months. My recommendation for using affiliate system is based on every business that wants to significantly increase its turnover with the help of affiliate system. Meanwhile, we have clients in over 100 different markets, and affiliate distribution accounts for a significant portion of our revenues.

We are pleased about a professionally designed affiliate and payout management system. We are particularly pleased with the level of tech-line support, which is always high. An Laci Acs and the Quality Unit team. We' re a healthcare and nutrition firm that needed a truly technologically advanced affiliate software programme to run its own operations.

The simplicity of the software's features and the incredible possibilities available to us as add-ons surprised us. It enabled us to get started very cost-effectively, and as we keep growing and/or need extra optimizations/options, we just need to ask the technical people. Let me make it clear that we are very satisfied with the programme and the assistance we have got, it is outstanding.

I think the best way to evaluate a system, a people, a business or a business is if things don't run as smooth as they promise. Fortunately, all the PAP client advocacy craze was actually over. Everyone in your account management and technical teams is first-rate. It is available at a sensible cost.

It is not only the quality of the softwares that is outstanding, the level of customer service is also high. All problems or queries I had were resolved within 2 min in real-time chats. It is a robust piece of code that allows you to set up a complete affiliate programme. With some fear, I turned to customer service after many years of not using the great Affiliate Pro softwares.

Ultimately, after six waste years, our affiliate programme is working again and has been updated to the latest Super-Duper release. Not hesitating to say that together with stunning softwares, it has a stellar customer service department. It took us week to find the right piece of code to enable us to build our affiliate programme, which is a mixture of affiliate marketing and MLM.

We' ve tried dozens of different packaged products, but they have been developed either for affiliate marketing or just for MLM. Neither of these programs could deliver what we needed. Imagine what an awesome piece of sofware, what a mighty tools for any business that earns its living through affiliate marketing. It' s a really great piece of work.

And we can grow it even further as our affiliate ecosystem expands. In addition, if our developer has a issue or questions, they use our online help and have an immediate response. This is something that every business must have! Using the hosting service of another hosting provider, we are looking forward to getting to know the current release better.

We are very happy to introduce a new affiliate programme on another website in the next few months. Six years ago I launched my own affiliate system with another affiliate piece of music. It' s a great piece of work. Plus their 24x7x365 connectivity is also outstanding. We have been customers of one of the largest affiliate softwares vendors for over 10 years.

It' without a doubt one of the most advanced affiliate marketing plattforms among all the other softwares we have tested. Several of the functions I like best are Split Commission, Direct Links Tracking and Multi-Tier Commissions. Definitely the softwares may provide any function that a successfull affiliate programme or networking needs. MAP is one of the foremost affiliate marketing softwares with all the functions it has to provide.

It' s simple to add this piece of furniture to most of your on-line trolleys, making it more versatile and straightforward. I would strongly encourage anyone wishing to start their own affiliate programme. They provide 24/7 face-to-face chats with very experienced engineers and telephone assistance in case I simply can't answer my question in writing.

Their patience and thoroughness is extreme and I am confident that they will help me in every aspect of setting up my affiliate programme. Can' t say enough about how stunning their endorsement was when I started this big new move. Your application still amazes me how simple it is to work with it.

And we can even serve clients in multiple markets and multiple nationalities. Our customer service is where Quality Unit really shines: Hopefully, our competition will never learn anything about Quality Unit and our work. As we developed our Options Money Maker Partner Programme, it was essential to find a way to thrive and develop with our businesses.

Quality Unit's client service was extraordinary. As an affiliate, we have worked with various affiliate programmes over the years and have been at the mercy of many of the different software vendors. On the basis of our own experiences, we would highly suggest PAP as an ideal complement to any affiliate programme.

Since I have been in the affiliate business for over 5 years, I have worked with many different affiliate programmes. Simple to set up, with great technical supports, they save me a great deal of effort and cost. It is a working and memorable role for the innumerable satisfied business associates and clients with whom Quality Unit works.

Found it to be one of the best affiliate programs on the basis of my research and will be happy to disseminate my referrals for women further. Above all, even after having owned the softwares for more than five years, Quality Unit still provides the highest levels of after sales services you'll ever find from any business in any sector and anywhere in the globe.

My work is in the field of on-line gaming, where efficient real-time trading is indispensable, as every sales has a value of $300-400. It allows me to split the affiliate into different campaign, visualize the audience and keep an eye on the income - all on one user-friendly surface. The PAP API was very easy for me to teach my marketing people.

As we encountered some unfortunate engineering difficulties during our deployment, the customer service staff reacted quickly and was very supportive in solving our setup issue. We have just begun to promote our programme and we are already seeing the advantages of managing our partner programme through this robust system. Our biggest challange when we chose to launch the affiliate programme with Kaswan Tours and Safaris was to find the best selling tracker for our business.

At first it was very simple to set up and then very simple to use, and when we get bogged down we usually get immediate help from the technical assistance group. We' ve been using it for almost a year and think it is the best affiliate tracking tool and especially for those in the industry like us.

As soon as you start installing, you won't be sorry and you will run your affiliate programme seamlessly and worry-free. This makes working in the affiliate environment a whole hell of a lot simpler. Our work is in the gaming sector, where trust in the affiliate solutions is very important. Fast, precise and scaleable, 2 variable sub-affiliate tracking, fast real-time stats, adjustable user surface....

In addition, we can attach affiliate links to any page of the site, unlike many PAPs. Several affiliate programmes were reviewed and PAP differed at all tiers from the cost, usability, tooling, functionality and more. In addition to all the great functions, one great advantage is that any affiliate linking does not requires that affiliate coding.

That made it much simpler to find new, less technically skilled members. Also, this is very helpful for search engine optimization as all your link are neat and look naturally as they don't have an affiliate number. For our Wizard of Odds and Wizard of Vegas teams, real-time and precise tracing is very important.

The PostAffiliate Network has been at the heart of our PostAffiliate Track & Trace and Account system for around five years. We' ve used it from both the affiliate and affiliate managers point of views and it surpasses all our expectation. Indeed, some functions provided by the enterprise, such as split commission, different levels of tracing, multi-currency and template are just a few of the functions provided by PAP.

Our service staff is highly supportive and will answer our queries promptly. We were able to set up several promotions with different payments to reward our site members for achieving certain objectives.

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