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Affiliate marketing today is used in a variety of social media applications. Favorites for affiliate statistical pages in your browser. The summary of this week contains news from CRM, Affiliate Marketing and Mobile UX. Find out how affiliate marketing has revolutionized the online statistics business in this detailed info graphic about its history and rise to world domination. Allows you to download the statistics of your affiliate programs and PPC campaigns in one window.

Twenty affiliate marketing statistics that will take your mind off it.

When I wrote my very first affiliate marketing textbook ten years ago, I had great difficulty with the shortage of statistics on this business and also cited in my first interview the shortage of research about it. Today, however, there is a lot of great information; and today I am bringing you my collection of 20 bite-sized twitterable tweetables ( each with an interesting affiliate marketing status).

Providing the Sources for Affiliate Marketing Stats and Benchmarking

Partners, advertisers, networks, providers, suppliers, our colleagues from affiliate marketers: On the way there, the issues we asked have developed further, but the end outcome has stayed the same - a glimpse of where the sector has been over the past year. While some results may astonish you, others confirm what you already believe to be affiliate marketing trend.

You are welcome to use the materials in the reports for blogs, postings, presentations, and more.

That Affiliate Marketing Is Not Done 5 Characters

Affiliate marketing, no question, is great. Well, it's about the $5 billion magnitude which makes it one of the largest industry sectors in the US. It wouldn't be incorrect to claim that affiliate marketing is a big part of it. Indeed, around 15% of all revenues from affiliate marketing come from affiliate marketing.

As there are more ways to make a living on the web, individuals are thought to consider affiliate marketing as a secundary one now. Nevertheless, Guy Moreve, Head of Marketing at Payment Sense, stresses that affiliate marketing is far from complete. Here are five characters that demonstrate his point of view that affiliate marketing is just getting larger.

Over the next four years, the sector is predicted to expand to $6.8 billion, with sales and network sales growing as well. Greater networking means that there are more opportunities for individuals to choose from. Affiliate networking also develops better technologies and payment methodologies.

It keeps affiliate marketeers on their feet as they know something larger and better is just around the corner. What's more, affiliate marketeers are able to get their money's worth. It was a period when only small contenders tried to make cash through affiliate marketing, but now even big name like LifeHacker have made it. Once the web had a finite range, but today around 72% of the US populace have web browsing, and around 96% of all web surfers in the US have made a kind of on-line buying.

It shows the full value of affiliate marketing, which gives you the opportunity to engage a truly worldwide audience. What's more, you can get the most out of it. More and more users are using the web today and you have the whole wide globe as your main destination. It was a period when shoppers chose to go to a real business due to uncertainties, but now that better safety precautions have been taken, shoppers are ready to buy on-line.

It is a rising problem with widespread information violations, but the partner industries as a whole have been fairly secure so far. In addition, he also acknowledges that the capability to reaching a larger number of target audiences is one of the main causes that there is no decline in the appeal of affiliate marketing.

Now there are more possibilities to sell with better analyses. Old-fashioned marketing instruments are being used less and less, while marketing is becoming more and more important in its own right, mainly due to the simple control of ROI.

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