Affiliate Marketing Sites List in India

List Affiliate Marketing Sites in India

This list is up to date and the information is up to date. And there are also many good genuine Indian partner programs. The list can be extended as many other new websites are also available. Are you unaware about affiliate marketing, then I will suggest you go through the link. The Flipkart is India's most popular online shopping site.

List Of Real Affiliate Market Sites

There are a lot of these on the web, but I'm only talking about a number of real sites.

Tips.comAffiliate Affiliate Directories, Affiliate Program Review, Helping Article and Affilaite Marketing Tool. AffiliateSeeking.comWell organizes a list of affiliate program, organised by categories. is an on-line shop specializing in the sale of book, CD, DVD and video. As a TreePad affiliate, you can get 25% revenue on all your products that you make! If a user of your site buys an product through a web page linked to your site, you will get a 5% to 15% charge on the total amount of the product you buy. 25% revenue on all your products!

Thanks to all TreePad customers who have been the best TreePad marketers, we are pleased to give you this great opportunity to earn cash.

Provision junctionOver 1000 advertising programmes to select from. Make $5 for each new customer that joins eBay, make $0.05 for each eBay seller. In addition: eBay partner university for the improvement of your service.

U.S. subsidiaries only at this date. iDonovan.comOnline recruitment companies. Make $52.00 for each new client (Tier 1) and $5 (tear 2).

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