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Please contact us today for an Affiliate Marketing Assessment. Externalize your affiliate marketing project and get it up and running quickly and deliver it remotely online. Affiliate Marketing Management services will drive your business forward. Looking for a good amount of revenue from affiliate marketing programs? Today, affiliate marketing management services play an essential role in online business.

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Acting as a tactical liaison on our clients' behalf, Random Access helps develop, streamline and administer affiliate programmes every stage of the way. The affiliate ecosystem of our company is much more than just traditionally outsourcing programme delivery and focuses on four key drivers: increase mentality, relationship, execution and renewal. We do not take it to the point and ignore it - we push our business forward by continually improving programmes at the finest levels.

It begins with the development of a uniquely data-driven mediaplan that is aligned with our clients' businesses and key figures. Internal, tailor-made reports enable us to assess and quantify our achievements at a granular scale so that we can surpass targets and regularly optimise programmes. Our Report Card allows us to generate dynamically generated publishers' fees based on margins, credit logics, the use of the vanity codes, lease graph percentages, new vs. current recommendations and other key metrics that are specific to each individual advertiser.

And our reports uncover the real value of each payed position and continue to provide our customers with information to encourage more intelligent marketing investment. Such knowledge, combined with our capability to use the right technologies, leads to outstanding results for our customers. Relhips Rose believe that the right relationship with the right publisher can take an affiliate programme to the next stage.

With our customers, we focus on review metrics and prioritise Publishers for many datapoints derived from utilities used across our business, to include trademark direction, payed editions, ALEKA traffic ranking, coverage, compliance and website contents. Using our in-house CRM solution and the publishing plattforms of our technological partner, our recruiting teams recruit quickly and effectively and provide our customers with a huge ecosystem of first name relations.

Every day we interact with publishing houses to keep track of our customers, learn about new advertising possibilities or relieve points of distress, and seek to build a mutually rewarding partnership. Our company also maintains these relations off-line by attending affiliate marketing meetings and workshops for our customers.

Not only does our proprietary technologies use the right technologies to run a winning affiliate programme, but they also enable us to gain insight into affiliation to show the added value of each individual publishers. Our partnership with large affiliate network allows us to select the best tariffs and tailor each customer's programme to achieve results that are customized to their individual objectives.

Our close connection to the networking production team helps us to design networking technology for the benefits of our customers. Often, migration to a new affiliate ecosystem allows the advertiser to increase value and maximise profit. Initially, we begin by drawing up a thorough schedule for the transition of a customer programme and its publisher to a new affiliate intranet.

These include assistance in assessing the various facets of the transition to a new ecosystem and assistance with tech migrating, communicating and supporting all publishing houses, while at the same time carefully ensuring that power and trackability are not affected by the notion. In addition, our teams develop a unified compliancy policy, manage compliant providers and monitor publishing houses on a day-to-day basis.

All noncompliant vendors are identified, contacted to clarify policies, worked on a remediation action and removed recidivists from the programme. is a pioneer in affiliate marketing whose scope is beyond the scope of conventional coupon-oriented publishing. And as the ever -changing nature of the world' s electronic media evolves, we maximise our clients' chances through a range of specialised programmes:

Influencer Affiliate Marketing: We find and recruit market players who participate in our clients' affiliate programmes. Customers Affiliate Programs: They motivate current brands to advertise a customer's product in their own network to increase both visibility and sales. Download Affiliate Marketing Mobile: Working with key audiences, interest and demand driven content providers, we encourage and distribute customer site content for download to our customers' portable applications while improving our ranking in the application store.

Associate Affiliate Partnerships: Research, recommend and join the affiliate program as a brand publishers according to the wishes of the brand. As a result, customers can easily service a retailer's product or service needs and tap into an extra source of income. Uniquely and innovatively, our affiliate marketing approaches maximize returns for our affiliates and ensure that their programmes add value and never run on auto-pilot.

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