Affiliate Marketing Programme

affiliate marketing program

Currently we run an affiliate marketing program via Linkshare in the UK and USA. The marketing on Instagram is completely different. affiliate marketing is an easy way to make money online and access a global affiliate network. Their affiliate program is as cool as their regular offers. Find out more about the advantages and disadvantages of affiliate marketing, how it can grow your business and how you can develop an attractive affiliate marketing program.

Sponsor Marketing Program About BA

When you are enrolled in the program, you will receive a referral fee for a qualified purchase that is a confirmed airline, vacation, car hire or accommodation reservation on It must be within cookies time and your hyperlink must be the last to instruct the client to make their reservation on

Fees depend on the products, location types and regions - for more information on the fee structures please Our search is for affiliate websites that are fully functional and offer optimized travel experiences. Affiliates must accept to be subject to the Program Rules.

Make sure the link on your website is up to date and we will take good care off the remainder. At all times you can modify and upgrade your website link, and it is recommended that you upgrade your link regularly. Our worldwide affiliate networking is operated by the Performance Horizon Group. Be sure to add your affiliate networking code to your link to make sure your purchases are followed up and your referral fee honored.

Monitoring your provision on a day-to-day basis is possible by signing in to the PHG port. Affiliates are not authorized to use trademark or spelling mistakes of trademark words in the payed searching activities. Check out our complete pay per query guide. Use the emblem on your website to let your clients know that they are purchasing from a legitimate retailer, but do not change it in any way.

We' re here to help you, and you should be able to get to all the ressources you need, plus merchandise items, artwork and affiliate networking sites of your choosing.

Affiliate Marketing Program About CX

Therefore, this program is not accessible to tourist agencies. You' re not gonna get any commission: That is, if the transactions are created by a hyperlink that does not contain the proper tracker key. Affiliate Future, the affiliate program we use for this program, makes two monthly fee commissions. Just click on the hyperlink of the respective partner and fill out the request below.

It is not mandatory and you can exit the program at any moment. We have to find the partner pages we're looking for: If you are a Partner, you must accept to be subject to the Program Rules. Make sure that the affiliate link on your website is frequently enough up-dated.

Keep adding your affiliate networking traffic to your link so your leads are correctly traced and approved. Using real-time monitoring and reports, you can register on the net and review your provision at any uptime. Please note: The following kinds of promotions are not permitted for the Program: We' ve prepared for you and offer you easy acces to all the ressources you need, plus merchandise concepts, artwork and affiliate program membership hyperlinks.

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