Affiliate Marketing Network India

Affiliate Marketing Network India

Are you unaware about affiliate marketing, then I will suggest you to go through the link. Advertisers. Several of the companies that act as affiliate networks in the Indian market are:. Start affiliate marketing in India and the technology is gaining popularity in the digital market. Do you know that affiliate marketing is expanding its scope in India with a huge demand from several Western companies?

Compare easily a target website, Australia and advertisers with dating affiliate programs for India and can pay per sale/payment per wire dating.

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Our company is the most complete and trusted result-oriented advertising network, offering a tailored suite of functions for each customer with unparalleled targeted functions, creativity, optimization, good service and ROI. We are the leaders in the field and are known for performance based marketing, affiliate marketing, e-commerce marketing, lead generation, app installation etc..

USP is a high performing ROI ad with stunning optimisation and ad serving technologies. Through our technologies, information and service, we help marketers get in touch with their audiences through a variety of media such as mobiles, web & apps. Featuring tens of thousand of unique propriety datapoints, our technologies are able to make precise financial forecasts to maximize market recognition and revenue.

The network operates on one of the best track ers and attribute servers, which means that the customer benefits from a dependable and resilient platform. Our experience in handling difficult things is extensive, which is why our customers opt for us when it comes to thought leadership, protected information and prioritizing market security. While our teams provide creative and creative results, they also focus on the client's goals, brands and strategies.

It is our philosophy to work as a partner for a better ROI, rather than just as a supplier. Advantages for advertisers: Our high value added service allows our clients to receive individual and meaningful feedback that can be translated into paid clients and satisfactory results. Advantages for Publisher / Affiliates:

By offering sophisticated CPAs, we ensure that publisher will be able to get higher payments from the advertiser. Are you looking for a translucent affiliate who strives for service with a data-driven mindset? Then you've come to the right place. Simply let us know your requirements and we will contact you to determine which service is best for your company.

What we offer is a singular one-of-a-kind approach to your specific needs. First, we comprehend your specific needs, then we move on to the next stage. You will have a committed customer service representative who will split the reports every day, week and month to maintain the delivery rate of your lead or sale. As one of the best focused trafficking companies in the industry, our experienced affiliate managers choose the best ones according to your campaigns needs.

Always keeping an eye on publisher performances, we strive to deliver high value revenue according to the campaigns. Never bill for low grade lead. No matter if you advertise on your cell phone, on your desk top or both, we have the right solution for your geographic, visual and transport situation. Are you prepared to research dates like never before?

Most of the exclusives are available from all over the globe. Take a look at our offer listing and use the best suits for your visitors. Inform yourself about our current specials. As a rule, the publisher's payments are made within 30 workingdays ( NET30 ) after the end of the respective months and after receipt of funds by the advertiser.

Publishers can see their reports on site around the clock via our panels. Our affiliate members create high value by generating high value customer revenue, which is why we conclude our campaign with high payouts advertisers. Our own stock of publishers allows us to test our offerings before we distribute them to affiliates.

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