Affiliate Marketing Manager

Associate Marketing Manager

This is a self-financed marketer who directs traffic to a merchant's website and receives compensation when he converts. Affiliate marketing research organization Affstat estimates that one third of online businesses has an affiliate manager. Look for jobs for the Affiliate Marketing Manager. Find the right Affiliate Marketing Manager job with company reviews and salaries. Being an Affiliate Marketing Manager you are familiar with the daily operations of several customers and affiliate programs.

An Affiliate Marketing Manager Life Today

Her responsibilities include the management, optimization and growth of major customers. My days begin around six so that I can have my showers, grab my son's rucksack and have his breakfasts made before he awakes. It is also a great moment for me to think about what I want to achieve the whole afternoon, personal and professional.

That gives me enough free space to take him off, drive him home, do a wash and do some other things before I work. It' also a good opportunity to learn about best practice, case study and sector news. Ecommerce and affiliate marketing are continually developing and transforming, which is why it is so important to stay up to date.

Also, I use this period to find out about any items that have come through my Google Alerts that I have created for my customers. Maintaining their businesses and anything that could affect their performances is an important part of the work. 8:30-9:30 A.M. Assignment of employee duties and execution of customer proficiency tests.

With the management of several large affiliate programmes it is simple to have a "To Do" queue that is a mile long, so delegating, prioritising and communicating is keys to the continued successful operation of our teams and our customers. Usually my employee and I use this period to review the prior days performances of our customers and assess things such as: activities that may be unusual, the number of hits made by the partners and their mean order value, indicators of achievement, partner fraud, non-compliance, strategy changes, new promotional actions, etc.

AP has meetings with each of our customers on a weekly basis. Those appeals are intended for discussions on merit, policy, obstacles and emergency response planning. It is also timely for us to pinpoint possible risk and obstacles so that we can act proactively and adapt our planning accordingly. It is a period I would like to use to refresh our call agenda, make sure that our in-house staff is focused on key issues for the weeks and make sure we are aware of any major achievement upgrades or anxieties.

10:30-12:30 Portfolio Mangement. During the second half of my forenoon, I usually focus on programme manager. I usually do during this time: That allows me the amount of free space between calling and e-mailing, throwing a batch of clothes into the washing or running to the mail during a midday outing.

I have found that preparing my food during midday allows our families to have a more peaceable supper and share our times together. Often these e-mails contain information about affiliate apps, programming strategies, performances and best practice in using and optimising the various affiliate networking and SaaS platform. To take the lesson after midday to attack my mailbox, react to e-mails or drop them is an important part of the management of several large affiliate programmes.

Whilst customer care is always at the forefront, it is also important to take the necessary amount of consistent action to further my skills and those of my people. It is this that enables us to expand and serve our customers in new and thrilling ways. 3:00-16:00 p.m. Editor calling. Most of the affiliate companies I work with are located on the West Coast.

In the same way that it is important that we remain in contact with our customers, it is just as important that we regularly maintain contact with our top publishing houses. As a rule, we talk about the service, the possibilities and the optimisation strategy during these discussions. 16:00-17:00 Similar to my early hours, I have a tendency to focus the last part of my daily life on programme development and on all the outstanding issues related to my three main daily priority areas.

To take the liberty of thinking about what has been achieved and what lies ahead enables me to move from my working to " working hours " with a clear mind and a schedule for the next workday. 17:30-10:00 h Familiy hours! Being the mother of an infant, my whole life in the home is so important to me.

When my working days are over, we usually eat a lovely dinner together as a whole group ( which I used to prepare during lunch), take a walk through our neighbourhood, dance to each other' s songs, and get together. Being an affiliate manager every single tag can be different, which is something I like about the business.

His continuous development allows me to get to know so many aspects of the marketing environment.

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